2 Pcs Drinking Cup Holder Clip - Home Office Table Desk Side Huge Clip Water Drink Beverage Soda Coffee Mug Holder Cup Saucer Clip Design,Black

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  • [TIPS] Tightly attaches to tabletop or desk up to 1.6-inch thick & works best on thicker complanate surfaces.

  • [TIPS] Fits a cup up to 3.0-inch in diameter.

  • IT IS A SMART WAY to contain your cold drink,mobile phone,cosmetics,stationery,flower pot,USB & memory cards,cold beer,small things that are scattered on your desk.

  • Heavy duty,strong grip spring.Clamps tightly to deskside,save your desk space.

  • Size:7.9 x 4 x 1.85 inches / 20 x 10 x 4.7 cm (l*w*h) Weight:220g(7.8oz) Materials:ABS,metal

  • Color : Black

* Protect your computer and data

Have you ever split a drink on your papers,computer keyboard or desk?Or does the wet patch from a chilled drink dripping on your desk annoy you?It is a multi functional fixing which can be attach to the edge of desks or shelves to securely hold drinks and other things.

* Apply to any desktop, the thickness of which is less than 4.0cm/1.6-inch & works best on thicker complanate surfaces

It can be fixed to any desktop,tabletop,shelf,airplane trays,and wheelchair arms up to 4.0cm/1.6-inch in thickness.The silicon pads which grip firmly on any surface ensure support for items up to 1000g(35oz).

* Holds most range of container sizes

A cup,a thermos,a water bottle,a soda can,a 16-ounce cup,a 30-ounce cup or even one of those little cups you get on a plane,it can hold them up to 3.0-inch in diameter.

* Strong and light,easy to carry

It is still simple and light enough for multiple uses indoors and out.Further uses,beyond the office,include as a holder for other items in classrooms,cybercafe,hospitals and on transport such as buses and trains.

* Save your desk space

It is a smart way to contain your cold drinks,mobile phones,small things that are scattered on your desk.Features a small hole on the bottom, which is convenient when using the USB cable to charge your phone.

* Easy to mount and remove with just one hand

It is also designed with ease of use by children and the elderly in mind.