The Best Low Carb Soup Recipes

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These are my favorite low carb soup recipes! Perfect for a cold winter’s day. Which one do you want to make first?

The Best Low Carb Soup Recipes - perfect for a cold day!


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Soup is a classic dish to eat when you are trying to lose weight. But when you can’t have a piece of bread or a roll on the side – the soups have to be that much better – and much more filling! So here my favorite low carb soups for you to try this winter. Whether it’s after a long hike or you’re at home on a cold day, these soups will be just what you need!

Also, remember with soups: they can always be prepared in advance! This makes them super convenient AND they often taste even better the next day…

Here’s some simple equipment that you’ll need to stock up on (pun intended!) so that you’re all ready to make low carb soup!

  • Soup bowls – I love these white bowls with handles. They’re also good for chili!
  • Soup spoons – traditional soup spoons are more circular rather than oval. You can get some from Amazon! For Asian-inspired soups, you might prefer this style.
  • Instant Pot – many soups are ideal for making in the Instant Pot. Super handy especially with a slow cooker feature!
  • Decent stock or broth – it’s at the heart of every good soup! I am LOVING Kettle & Fire bone broth at the moment. 

Low Carb Soup Recipes



The Best Low Carb Soup Recipes - full of flavor, filling and delicious #lowcarb #lowcarbsoups
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Did I miss your favorite low carb soup? Let me know in the comments!

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