Persimmon Kiwi Fruit Salad

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I see fruit salads very differently from salads with fruit. This Persimmon Kiwi Fruit Salad belongs to the first category. Let me clarify. In my book, salads with fruit are regular raw vegetable kind of salads which taste better because of the fruit in them. Fruit salads, on the other hand, are more like dessert. You can keep them relatively healthy or else give into a little temptation and enjoy them with a little spiced citrusy syrup, ice-cream or some whipped cream. Personally, if the fruit salad has fruits I like, I don’t need anything more. Except maybe something like a drizzle of ginger-orange syrup as in this salad.

I really love persimmons, both Fuyu and Hachiya. I have missed them quite a bit since we moved to Kochi. You can’t begin to imagine my excitement when I found some Fuyus at the supermarket last week. I really didn’t need to make something out of them. I have eaten a few but am just so, so happy to find persimmons this year that I had post them. They’re best eaten fresh as a snack though they make delicious milkshakes and bakes.

Persimmons are also known as Kaki Fruit, Sharon Fruit or Amarphal in India. The British apparently grow a variety called the Date Plum! Different varieties of persimmons grow across the world. What we grow in India is the Asian or Japanese.

These are of two kinds – the slightly elongated astringent Hachiya and the squat Fuyu. The Hachiya can be eaten only when fully ripe and almost bursting from its skin. Then it turns absolutely delicious and sweet. The Fuyu can be eaten once they are ripe. They are not astringent at all and are quite firm and can be cut for use in salads or baked. This recipe uses Fuyu persimmons.

I couldn’t very well make a post out of telling you all I ate them, hence this salad. In my opinion, salads aren’t difficult to make and don’t really need recipes. One might need one for an ingredient list but the rest is all to one’s taste. I’m posting this recipe to share my love for persimmons and for someone who might want one. Serve this salad for breakfast or brunch, as a light lunch or dessert.

I keep the Orange-Ginger Syrup I used with fruit salad, made ahead in large quantity and refrigerated. This syrup also makes a very refreshing fizzy drink if diluted with soda. To make the syrup peel, chop and gently crush some pieces of ginger. Put this is a pot with some unsweetened orange juice and sugar. Bring it to boil, stirring frequently, and let it simmer until it becomes a slightly thick syrup. Let it cool completely. Then bottle and refrigerate for later use.

Try this Persimmon & Paneer Salad for a more savoury salad if you prefer.

Persimmon Kiwi Fruit Salad
A persimmon kiwi fruit salad with apple and pomegranate and a ginger-orange syrup. An easy and light salad that is good for either brunch or dessert.
Servings3 servings
Prep Time15 minutes
  1. For best results, start with refrigerated fruit if serving right away.
  2. Slice or dice the persimmons, kiwis and apples. Gently toss the sliced or diced fruit with the pomegranate and mint. If not serving immediately, refrigerate.
  3. Just before serving, drizzle with ginger orange syrup and sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds, if using.

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