Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Mama’s Review!

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Hi Friends! Welcome back to Healthy Grocery Girl! As we prepare for the birth of our second baby I’ve been thinking about postpartum preparation. Having gone through birth and postpartum once before I know how tiring it is and how much support and nourishment a new mama needs! I’ve always loved the saying “Well fed is not the same as well nourished!” We have prepped some freezer meals (mostly soups) however, I wanted to test-run a meal delivery service because even a few ready-to-heat-and-eat meals a week can make a big difference when you’re juggling a toddler, a newborn and did you know we are also moving a few months after baby boy is born? Life is full speed right now and I know preparation is key because once you’re in the postpartum phase all you want to do is rest, feed your baby, feed yourself and take a shower when you can!

I stumbled across a company called Twenty-Five Eight and immediately was drawn to the founder’s story for why she started the company. Twenty-Five Eight makes prepared meal delivery for all stages of motherhood from pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and more. They use 100% Organic ingredients and all of their food is sourced locally from all organic, biodynamic, or beyond-organic sources. Their meals are made with organic, seasonal and local ingredients and are all dairy-free and gluten-free. In addition their meals are made with no refined sugars, no-GMOS, 100% pastured animal products (although there are many vegan / plant-based meal options) and packaged in glass / biodegradable packaging. This is not your average meal-delivery company and you can tell right away by the taste, quality of ingredients and commitment to truly nourishing women! You can learn more about Twenty-Five Eight here!

Below are some photos of the meals & snacks I tried. I was really happy with the meals and snacks I tried. My favorite being the soups! Below are a list of some of the meals and snacks I tried and some photos; you can see how drool-worthy they are!

  • Coconut Almond Quinoa Waffles with Fall Veggie Hash & Asian Plum Dipping Sauce
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free Mac + Cheese
  • Vegan Red Lentil Curry
  • Soy-Free Chickpea Miso Soup with Sea Vegetables, Shiitake Mushrooms + Greens
  • Seed Crackers
  • Superfood Reese’s Cups
  • A Variety Overnight Oats & Muffins!
  • Wildcrafted Nettles Tea with Sea Buckthorn Honey 
  • & Many More! 

A Few Tips To Savor & Save!

Just buy meals! I personally find that I am okay with making snacks on my own – such as an apple and almonds – however, meals postpartum are much harder to put together. So if budget is a concern (as it is for must all of us!) stick to purchasing meals and then save by making your own snacks.

Each meal is actually two servings; keep that in mind when looking at the price! The only items I could finish off the entire container of was the soups – however the main meals are very generous portion sizes. You can split with your partner or save for another meal!

Do you need anything? How can I help? You may be lucky to have people who ask or text you this! If you’re close and comfortable with friends and family you may want to ask for a donation towards a meal delivery service. Instead of someone dropping off a pizza, they can put that money towards your Twenty-Five Eight delivery. If you have some really generous and thoughtful friends or family this a great idea, especially if your support system lives in a different state.

Use code HGGMAMA to get a FREE soup with purchase!


Disclosure: I was gifted some meals and snacks to sample and give an honest review

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