Can Xian Lim Cook Asian Chicken Salad?

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Here at Pepper, we’re all for people cooking their own food. (Why would we be making recipes if we weren’t?) So we’re always excited when people reach out to us asking for tips, recommendations, or help. Xian Lim—you’ve probably heard of him—dropped by our studio to learn a few kitchen tricks from our chef, Kimmie. She taught him how to butcher a chicken, suprême an orange, and shred cabbage. And of course, before he left, we had to test his new skills. You know, just to make sure he didn’t forget.

Xian gets a solid “Not bad” from us.

We asked him to make a simple salad recipe, one that uses all three techniques he learned. At the end, we asked the question: can Xian Lim cook? Watch the video—and the first episode of our new series, “Can They Cook?”—to find out. (And to watch our own #KimXi tandem.) For all you who want to try making the salad at home, too, find the recipe below.

Asian Chicken Salad

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