Calcium Craze

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The name speaks for itself. This smoothie bowl is packed with some of nature’s purest forms of calcium. Fruit. Yes, you read correctly! Surprisingly amongst all their other nutritional benefits, Pitaya and Cacau also contain high quantities of calcium.

I did the research because I wanted to feel more certain that my diet is covering my daily requirements during this pregnancy. I still believe that our body or rather our baba knows what they need during the stages of pregnancy. My cravings have predominantly been anything fruit related, and anything that contains large quantities of nutrients in general. I AM also feeling steered more and more towards Adaptogens, such as Algae DHA {I will delve deeper into this in another post}, and high-vibrational foods and juices, elixirs and Life activities.

Let me just say this…most humans highly underestimate fruit and the powerful nutrients and vitamins they contain. Eat more fruit, your body will thank you for it! ♡


✺ White Pitaya {Dragon Fruit}

✺ Mamey Sapote {traditional SE Asian fruit}

✺ Raw Cacau

✺ Coconut Mylk

✺ Coconut Water

✺ Cinnamon


✺ White Pitaya {Sliced }

✺ Banana {Sliced}

✺ Raw Cacau {Grated}

✺ Edible Flowers


Chop and slice smoothie ingredients, place into a blender {leave a few of the Pitaya slices and Cacau shavings for the toppings}.

Pour into a bowl, jar, glass, mug, or whatever your heart desires, and add your toppings and edible blossoms.

Sit in silence, B R E A T H E , bring yourself to the P R E S E N T and feel appreciation towards this meal that will be N O U R I S H – ing and N U R T U R E – ing your body on so many realms. To have the opportunity of not only making, but savouring this meal all to yourself or sharing it with loved ones is a true G I F T ♡



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