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If you enjoy finding hidden gems in the most unexpected places, Deli’s Kitchen is right up your alley. Located in Sunshine Plaza, a stone’s throw away from Bugis MRT and right beside Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, the mall is not a mega mall like Orchard Ion, but it houses one of the best restaurants in Singapore! Despite its humble surroundings, Deli’s Kitchen has been told that its foods’ quality is of town standard! And we locals know how atas or high-class food at town can be.

But high-quality food does not mean a lack of quantity. In fact, this ONE Japanese restaurant encompasses over THIRTEEN different Japanese cuisines and represents over THIRTY individual restaurants in Japan! Hence, you can be assured that the menu is unique, diverse, and excellent unlike other Japanese restaurants.

But that’s enough from us! Here at Boss 7 Food, we don’t let just anyone tell us what to eat at a restaurant.

Only the most qualified person’s opinion matters: Owner and Chef of Deli’s Kitchen, Chef Tan Min Li.

Chef Tan Min Li of Deli's Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza

Chef Tan Min Li of Deli's Kitchen

Chef Tan spent five years in Japan visiting and learning from a multitude of restaurants where he realised Japanese cuisine is not limited to just sushi and ramen. Hence, Deli’s Restaurant was conceptualised to introduce unique Japanese foods to us Singaporean locals! With the freshest ingredients and a customer-first mentality, customers at his restaurant are in for authentic Japanese feast!

Here are Chef Tan’s top seven recommendations dishes that you must try at his restaurant.

First Dish - Fukuyoshi Wagyu Hamburger Steak
Fukuyoshi Hamburger Steak with rice, salad and wedges at Deli's Kitchen

Fukuyoshi Wagyu Hamburger Steak

Don’t dismiss this dish just because it is not a real steak! The owner chef who created this recipe is one of the TOP 50 chefs in Japan and his 100% wagyu beef hamburger steak has been awarded the Monte Selection of Europe!

Cooked to a delicious medium rare, Chef Tan ensures that this is the juiciest and most tender hamburger steak you can find in Singapore. Little wonder why this is Deli’s Kitchen’s most recommended and most popular dish!

Juicy Fukuyoshi Hamburger Steak

Award winning 100% Wagyu Hamburger Steak

Second Dish - Senri Ox Tongue Steak (From Sendai, Miyagi)
Senri Ox tongue with salad and rice

Senri Ox Tongue Steak

If you thought traveling from Boon Lay to Jewel for Shake Shack is too far, people all over Japan travel to Sendai just to try this dish! Ox tongue may sound off-putting as it is unfamiliar to us, but it is Chef Tan’s favourite and we can definitely trust his palate!

After trimming away the tough bits, the tender portion of meat is grilled to perfection on a special ceramic net. To enhance its flavour, you can also choose from three different sauces: an in-house special miso paste, onsen egg, or negishio sauce!

Senri Ox Tongue grilled to perfection

Grilled to perfection

Third Dish - Jimbocho Roast Beef (From Jimnocho, Tokyo)
Jimbocho Roast beef with onsen egg, vegetables and rice

Jimbocho Roast Beef

Beef lovers must be drooling by now, for we sure are! The Jimbocho Roast Beef is popular in Tokyo for its thin slices of melt-in-the-mouth medium rare steak. To maintain the authentic flavour, Chef Tan orders the beef directly imported from Japan.

The beef then sliced so thinly that a blow torch is enough to cook it to that perfect tender medium rare. Simply served on a bed of rice and topped with an onsen egg, you can savour the natural sweetness of the beef. Local Singaporean, Japanese, or tourist, you are sure to love this dish!

Jimbocho Roast beef with onsen egg

Look at the creamy yolk oozing out from the onsen egg!

Fourth Dish - Kurobeko Gyu Katsu (From Tokyo)
Kurobeko Gyu Katsu with salad, specialised wasabi and steak sauce

Kurobeko Gyu Katsu

New food trend alert! Gyu Katsu is a breaded, deep-fried steak that is quickly gaining popularity in Japan and overseas.

The dish is akin to the traditional pork katsu but way juicier and meatier because of the premium Black Angus Sirloin Steak Chef Tan uses. You will be getting your money’s worth out of this delicious and trendy dish!

Served medium rare with rice, salad, homemade steak sauce, and specialised wasabi, this Kurobeko Gyu Katsu is a unique dish you have never tasted before.

Gyu Katsu dipped in panko

Gyu Katsu coated with panko for a crispy texture!

Fifth Dish - Hakata Black Curry (from Hakata, Kyushu)
Pork loin cutlet curry with rice

Pork Loin Cutlet Curry

Japanese curry with pork katsu is a familiar favourite dish in Singapore. But this dish comes with a special Insta-worthy twist: the curry is black!

Brown Japanese curry is usually sweet, but the Hakata Black Curry has a unique spiciness and flavour. We would tell you what makes it black but that is Chef Tan’s culinary secret! So, try this dish for the Gram and your taste buds too.

Pork loin cutlet curry from hakata

Sweet black curry with a tinge of spicyness from Hakata!

Sixth Dish - Karamasa Karaage (From Asakusa, Tokyo)
Karamasa Karaage with salad from Asakusa, Tokyo

Karamasa Karaage

KFC? What about JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken)?

Karaage or fried chicken is a popular dish in Japan, and you can find variations of karaage in most Japanese restaurants. But the Karamasa Karaage uses a special cooking method that is from Asakusa which ensures that the chicken is fried to perfection.

Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, no one can top this JFC.

Deep fried crispy Karaage

Deep fried golden brown Karaage!

Seventh Dish – Yellow Gourmet Omurice (From Osaka)
Beef Demi glace sauce with roast beef, runny eggs and tomato based fried rice

Beef Demi Glace Sauce ( Yellow Gourmet Omurice )

This last dish is certainly saving the best for the last. Not only do you get the famous Japanese Omurice, it is also served with Jimbocho Roast Beef and a homemade demi-glace sauce.

Runny and tender, the eggs pairs nicely to the savoury-sweetness of the fried rice and the natural sweetness of the beef. The demi-glace sauce is no after-thought either as it is one of the signature recipes he learned during his time Japan.

Omurice, roast beef, and a special sauce; this dish contains all the unique foods of Japan in one!

torching thinly sliced beef

Roast Beef torched to perfection!

Now that you know the top seven recommendations from Chef Tan, which of these dishes would you be trying at Deli’s Kitchen?

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