The morning cup of joe is a ritual for almost everyone that has to get up and go to work

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However, if coffee is not your thing, the best travel mugs for small business owners on this list can be used for tea or other hot or cold beverages.

Another reason for using them is travel mugs made from ceramic, glass, or stainless steel make your drink taste better than paper, plastic, or Styrofoam cups. And they will keep your drink hot or cold for much longer. If those benefits don’t do it for you, think about the impact on the environment for every disposable cup you don’t use every day.

One more selling point is many cafes are rewarding customers for bringing their own mugs with discounts. So, travel mugs are a win-win all around.

Best Travel Mugs for Small Business Owners

Top Pick: Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug

Runner Up: S’well Stainless Steel Traveler


Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug

Top Pick: Zojirushi makes one of the highest-rated mugs in the industry. This Japanese company is more than 100 years old and has been making hand-blown vacuum bottles since 1918. This mug is made of BPA-free plastic and double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel. And it allows the content to retain heat at 190°F for 1 hr./163°F for 6 hrs. and cold retention at 46°F for 6 hrs.

Zojirushi flip-open lids release and hold, then flip open. The process allows condensation on the lid gasket to fall back into the mug instead of splattering.

The Zojirushi mug is 2.75 x 2.88 x 9.88 inches, weighs 9 ounces, and comes with a 5-year warranty on heat retention.

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S’well Stainless Steel Traveler

Runner Up: S’well is another manufacturer with quality materials and solid construction. This mug has triple-layered insulation along with a vacuum-insulated structure. According to the company, this keeps beverages cold for up to 28 hours or hot for up to 15 hours. It achieves these numbers using its Therma-S’well Technology.

The copper wall layer insulation makes your mug sweat-free. And the leak-free top ensures your beverage will never spill. The mug is BPA-free and composed of 18/8 premium food-grade stainless steel.

This mug is 3.27 x 3.27 x 9.17 inches and weighs 14.4 ounces.

S’well Stainless Steel Traveler-20 Fl Oz Triple-Layered Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug Keeps Coffee, Tea and Drinks Cold for 36 Hours and Hot for 15

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Best Value: Contigo uses its Thermalock, double-walled vacuum insulation to lock in the temperature. A patented Autoseal technology further seals the mug automatically after each sip. This keeps drinks hot for up to 7 hours or cold up to 20 hours.

The mug is made from premium 18/8 stainless steel and BPA-free materials. Coming in at 3.2 x 3.2 x 9 inches it weighs 13.8 ounces. The Contigo Lifetime Guarantee protects your mug against any manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.


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Thermos 16 oz, Matte Steel Stainless King Travel Tumbler

The Thermos brand is known for its ability to keep drinks warm, and this mug keeps liquids hot for 5 hours and cold for 18 hours. It is made with BPA-free materials and a durable stainless-steel interior and exterior. It achieves the insulation with the Thermos Vacuum insulation technology by creating an airless space between two stainless steel walls.

This mug is 3.9 x 7.6 x 3 inches and weighs 9.9 ounces.

Thermos 16 oz, Matte Steel Stainless King Travel Tumbler

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Takeya Traveler Insulated Travel Mug

The double-wall vacuum insulation and 18/8 stainless steel construction of this mug allow beverages to stay hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. This insulation also prevents condensation and protects your hand from hot or cold beverages.

A hinged leak-proof lid opens with external springs but locks out of the way when you are drinking. And a visual red tab lets you know the container has a seal.

This mug is 10.83 x 4.96 x 3.27 inches and weighs 13 ounces.

Takeya Traveler Insulated Travel Mug w/ Leak Proof Lid, Onyx, 17 Ounce

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Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug

This Hydro Flask 18/8 stainless steel insulated travel mug features TempShield double-wall vacuum insulation. This will keep your coffee or tea hot for up to 6 hours or your cold beverage cold for up to 24 hours.

Hydro Flask’s new Flex Sip Lid comes with the flex strap leak-proof lid to keep your beverage inside and at the right temperature. The lid is BPA-free and phthalate-free.

This mug is 2.9 x 2.9 x 9.35 inches, weighs 11.6 ounces, and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug

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Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

If you take keeping your coffee at the right temperature seriously, then the Ember Temperature Control Mug is for you. You can keep your coffee between 120°F – 145°F for up to three hours with the battery in the mug. You can also use the charging coaster and keep these temperatures all day long.

The touch display on the mug lets you customize your temperature by tapping on the + or – symbol. You can also control these settings with your smartphone to set your temperature, customize presets, receive notifications, and more.

The Ember mug is 10.59 x 5.87 x 4.88 inches and weighs 2.4 pounds. The company provides a 1-year promise, and a 30-day return applies only for purchases “Sold By” Ember Technologies on Amazon.

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug 2, 12 oz, Black, 3-hr Battery Life – App-Controlled Heated Coffee Travel Mug

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What to Look for in a Travel Mug

Travel mugs are made from many different materials and the quality of craftsmanship varies. Keep these factors in mind when you are looking to buy a travel mug.

Temperature retention: whether hot or cold, your mug should retain the initial temperature for as long as possible. Look at the specifications from the manufacturer along with word of mouth and reviews to see if it delivers on those specs.

Durability: Look for a travel mug that won’t chip, leak, or dent easily. If you are getting a well-made mug, it is not going to be cheap and you want to make sure it lasts a reasonable amount of time.

Size: Whether you want it to fit in the cup holder of your car or backpack and bag, consider the space where the mug will spend most of its time. This also includes whether they can fit under coffee makers.

Spill-resistant lid: This is a must-have feature on a travel mug. After all, you are going to be traveling with it and an accident will eventually take place.

Spill-proof: Your travel mug is going to be in motion most of the time. Without a spill-proof feature, you will eventually spill your coffee, tea, or other beverage.

Price: The price of travel mugs varies greatly, with some costing a couple of hundred dollars. While quality mugs will cost more, price is not always an indicator of how well they perform.

Handle-free: A quality travel mug with good insulation doesn’t need a handle. Furthermore, a handle won’t allow you to put it in a cup holder.

Dishwasher safe: A mug that is dishwasher safe is one feature that will make your life easier. Cleaning the lid and other small parts can be time-consuming.

Vacuum Insulation

Vacuum insulation and double-walled travel mugs remove the air between the outer and inner layers. And because there is nothing to conduct heat in a vacuum, these mugs can retain heat much longer. Makers of higher quality mugs also put copper or aluminum layers wrapped tightly around the outside of the inner material layer. This reflects heat to minimize the changes in temperature of the drink you put in the mug.


Currently, the best travel mugs are made from stainless steel. The material is not only more durable, but it also retains heat longer. Manufacturers will then cover the stainless steel with different materials.

Other travel mug materials include aluminum, plastic, ceramic, glass, and silicone. Each has its pros and cons, such as price, retaining odors, leaching chemicals, and high insulating factors. Choose the material that best works for the product you will be putting in your travel mug.


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