The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it’s no surprise that you want it to look its best.

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Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert chef or a seasoned foodie, you can easily accessorize your kitchen table or counters to give this space tons of unique personality and style.  One important thing to consider when you’re displaying kitchen decor: use items that are both practical and pretty.

Not sure where to start? Try some of these fun kitchen ideas that’ll spruce up your kitchen counter space in no time.
How to Decorate a Kitchen Island


If you have an island in your kitchen, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a visually striking centerpiece. Some islands have a sink or cooktop while others are just a large slab begging for some kitchen accessories!

Corral like-items together with a tray  – bottle openers, a candle and a decorative vase all come together nicely on a small tray or butcher’s block.

You can also add some personal items like a favorite family photo in a beautiful frame or a cookbook resting on a stylish stand.  Look through your kitchen cabinets and I’m sure you’ll find several kitchen accessories that will look great on your counters.

Don’t go overboard with your styling either; make sure your island stays free of clutter and you still have plenty of room to work and prep your food!



An island also makes for a fun kitchen bar!  Display a tabletop wine bottle holder and fill it with some of your favorite bottles of wine.  Include things like a metal cocktail shaker and bar accessories.

The island is a versatile addition to your kitchen since it can serve as a gathering spot as well as a place to serve and prep, so make it your own with some fun kitchen accessories.

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How To Style Your Kitchen Shelves


Kitchen shelves, especially open shelving or glass shelves, provide you with plenty of extra space to add your own personal touch.  Display your collectibles & artwork or, if needed, use  your kitchen shelves for additional storage of your dishes & cookware.



Pick out a few small pots and fill them with fresh herbs if your shelves are near a sunny window. Plants and greenery can really add a fresh look to your kitchen and it’s handy to have fresh herbs within hands-reach while you’re cooking!



Copper is a popular material in kitchens today, I love the rose gold look. Add a few copper pieces to your shelving for a shimmering aesthetic and some color.

A beautiful canister can also be used to hold flour, sugar, or coffee. Group all your canisters or cookie jars together.  A large crock is a wonderful way to store your tools and utensils while keeping everything neatly together.  And decorative bowls are perfect for holding fresh fruit or garden veggies.


Pottery Barn Stoneware Cannisters Ideas for Styling Your Kitchen Counters

Pottery Barn Reclaimed Wood Cutting Boards
Your kitchen décor doesn’t have to be reserved for everyday things like dish soap or sponge holders alone. Have some fun with your counter space by stacking a few beautiful cutting boards against each other at different angles.

A vase filled with fresh flowers is always a beautiful choice and you can easily change it up with new blooms whenever you like.  Drape pretty dish towels over your sink or lay them across your kitchen counters.



The key to beautiful kitchen décor is to create a cohesive theme that enhances your current kitchen aesthetic. If your kitchen has sleek white ceramic subway tile, use white ceramic bowls on the counters and fill them with fruit.

If your kitchen is more rustic in style, top the counters with a classic country cookbook open to a favorite recipe or colorful retro-inspired accessories.



A coffee station is another great way to accent your counters. Create a special nook on your kitchen counter for  your coffee maker, a colorful canister filled with ground coffee, and a sugar bowl. This will designate a specific area just for making coffee, and it gives you the chance to add a few fun accessories, too. You can display some of your favorite coffee mugs on a mug tree while keeping them all together.  For more information on coffee stations read Top Trending Coffee Station Ideas.



These ideas on how to accessorize a kitchen counter will bring new life to your kitchen and are both functional, and stylish.

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