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s. They help to form their minds, hearts and character. Teachers also ensure every student is looked after and cared for. That’s why it’s so important to show heartfelt gratitude by saying thank you for all that teachers do. Now more than ever, with distance learning and kids going back to schools in hybrid settings, it’s important to thank the teachers who’ve taught your kids through this difficult time. Express your gratitude for all the teachers your kids have by saying thank you with a personalized gift they will love.
When is Teacher Appreciation Week?
Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated in the first full week of the month of May. This year, it takes place on May 2-8, 2021. Within that Teacher Appreciation Week, there is a specific Teacher Appreciation Day which is typically the Wednesday of that week. This year, Teacher Appreciation Day is on May 5th, 2021. It’s an extra special day for you to give thanks to your teachers for teaching you this school year.

Now that you’ve gotten to know what Teacher Appreciation Week is all about, shop and browse for a Teacher Appreciation gift to say thank you. Look for a gift that your teacher will actually enjoy using and will remind them of the amazing gift they received from you. We’ve compiled 50+ teacher appreciation week gift ideas to offer you plenty of inspiration. Find the perfect gift for your teacher that is both meaningful and useful.
1. Brownie Mix in Jar

Give the gift of a quick dessert by filling mason jars with brownie ingredients. Layer all of the goodies, including nuts and chocolates, for a treat they’ll look forward to.
2. Gumball Jar

Fill customized glass jars with colorful gumballs and other sweet treats as a afternoon pick me up. Add a ribbon or string for a little decoration.
3. Custom Necklace

Spread the love by creating custom necklaces. This way your teachers can wear them close to their hearts.
4. Teacher Supplies

The best teacher appreciation gifts are ones that they can use again and again. Compile teacher supplies like notepads, magnets and markers for a practical gift.
5. Personalized Candles

A decorative candle is a great way to help your favorite teacher decompress. Teachers will appreciate the creativity that went into making these keepsake candles.
6. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bake a double or triple batch of chocolate chip cookies. Package a handful for every teacher in a gift box or goodie bag. They’ll enjoy having these to snack on between lesson planning.
7. Festive Socks

Roll a pair of socks into a small box for a present that will warm the hearts of your teachers. Choose fun, colorful designs with stripes and polka dots.
8. Heart Themed Jar

Give a loving gift of gratitude by filling a jar with heart-shaped candies. Tie on a card that expresses your thankfulness with a quote or phrase.
9. Bucket of Sunshine

Brighten your teacher’s week with a bucket of sunshine. Compile your basket with yellow items like notebooks, pencils, markers, tissues, and a thank you card.
10. Strawberry Shortcake in a Jar

Fresh strawberries, shortcake, and whipped cream make for a delicious treat. Decorate a jar with ribbon then place the yummy ingredients inside.
11. Chewing Gum

Looking for easy teacher appreciation gift ideas? Group together packs of gum and add a cute tag for a simple yet effective thank you.
12. Teacher Tote

Customize a tote for your teachers for all of their supplies—from pens and pencils to books and laptops. Place a quote and phrase on the front for extra meaning.
13. Set of Markers

Teachers are always in need of extra pencils and markers. Decorate a jar to hold all of the utensils on their desks.
14. Wrapped Candies

Make unique labels specifically designed for teachers—ones with pencils, apples and thank you messages. Wrap them around chocolates or fruity candy and place them in a giftbox.
15. Notebook and Pencils

For journaling, note taking or lesson-planning, give your teachers a personalized notebook and a set of pencils. Add a gift card to a local coffee shop or candy store for an extra treat.
16. Star Teacher Award

Craft a sign or card that tells your teacher they’re a star. Attach it to a mason jar or giftbox full of goodies.
17. Apple Themed Mason Jar

Historically, parents gave teachers baskets of apples to pay for their children’s education. Now, giving a teacher an apple is a way to show them appreciation. Create a gift that’s apple themed using green and red colors.
18. Homemade Beef Jerky

Pack protein into your teacher thank you gifts with homemade beef jerky. Choose roast or flank steak as your meat and add seasoning for a yummy taste.
19. Teacher Essentials Kit

Every classroom needs the basics: paper clips, erasers, push pins and chocolate. Compile the essentials in an organized box for teachers to pull out when they need it most.
20. Homemade Taco Seasoning

Freshen up your teachers’ spice cabinets by whipping up a batch of homemade taco seasoning. They’ll enjoy adding it to fajitas, tacos and quesadillas.
21. Appreciation Card

Express your genuine appreciation in a handwritten note from your child, especially during the holiday season. After all, the best teacher appreciation gifts come from the heart.
22. Candy-filled Cups

Fill a plastic drink tumbler with fruity candies—both hard and chewy. Add a card with a play on words for a complete treat.
23. Soda and Chips

Gift your teacher with a special snack. Choose potato chips, kale chips, popcorn or pretzels—and pair it with their favorite soda or soft drink.
24. DIY Bird Feeder

With decorative plates as the main supply, construct bird feeders that can hang outside of your teacher’s window. They’ll enjoy seeing and hearing the birds fly by, including robins, blue jays, and sparrows.
25. Nail Files

Teachers might not have time for salon manicures and pedicures. Bring the spa day to them by creating a nail file kit, complete with nail polish and polish remover.
26. Fruity Candy

Sweeten your teacher’s day with a bunch of fruit candies. Place them in a mason jar or canister—giving your teachers extra storage space for knick knacks and school supplies.
27. Quote Art

Design wall art for the classroom or teacher’s lounge. Incorporate an uplifting phrase or quote to put a smile on their face, no matter the day.
28. Bouquet of Flowers

Fresh flowers are a beautiful way to say thank you. Try a long stemmed flower like orchids or lillies.
29. Homemade Earrings

Add flair to your teacher’s jewelry collection with handcrafted floral earrings. She can wear them to teach, but also on the weekends and at social gatherings.
30. Candy Bars

Treat your teachers to something sweet. Select an array of candy bars—from chocolate to fruity—and add clever tags to each one.
31. Giftcard Holder

Dress up a giftcard by designing a personalized holder. Place thank you messages and images of apples on your giftcard holder.
32. Mason Jar Tumblers

Give two gifts in one: a drink container and sweet treats. Fill a mason jar tumbler with candy and a giftcard.
33. Fabric Measuring Tape

Tape measures can be used for math lessons, crafts and sewing. Wrap a fabric tape around a wooden spool for a gift that can be used time and time again.
34. Coffee Shop Gift Card

Whether your teacher loves tea or coffee, a giftcard to a local shop is a wonderful way for them to relax. Place the gift card in a reusable cup for an environmentally friendly touch.
35. Owl Mug

Unique mugs—like one with an owl or kangaroo—make for special teacher appreciation gifts. They can use them everyday, remembering the student who gave it to them.
36. Sports Drink

Keep your teachers energized throughout the day with a sports drink. Purchase the drinks in bulk to save on cost and add a nice card or label for each teacher.
37. Painted Lantern

Light up the life of a teacher by giving them a lantern as a gift. Paint it a pastel color like blue or green for a serene look. They can place it on their patio, porch or take it with them camping.
38. Decorated Classroom Door

Surprise your teacher by decorating their classroom door. Include special notes and photos from students for a truly meaningful thank you.
39. Notecards and Stationery

Present your teachers with a gift bag or desk caddy they’ll appreciate. Fill it with notebooks, stationery, and pens. Tie it with a ribbon and cute tag to complete the gift.
40. Dry Erase Markers

Teachers spend a lot of time writing on dry erase boards—and often times, they have to buy their own supplies. Gift them with a set of colorful dry erase markers inclusive of green, purple and red.
41. Fancy Cupcakes

Decorate a double batch of cupcakes in style. Top them with whipped berries, frosting and syrup.
42. Personalized Jar

Customize a jar with your teacher’s initials or last name. Fill the jar with pencils for a sharp gift that can sit on their desk all year long.
43. Gift Card to Favorite Restaurant

Does your teacher love a local burger joint, Mexican restaurant, or vegan bistro? Give them a giftcard they can use for a nice evening out or Saturday lunch.
44. Healthy Muffins

Stir up a batch of muffins made of healthy ingredients like bananas and nuts. Wrap them in giftboxes for a polished presentation.
45. Flower Bouquet

Whether it’s mums or daisies, compile a bouquet of fresh flowers. Arrange the blooms in a teacher themed jar, like one with plastic letters and numbers.
46. Cookies in a Jar

Layer a mason jar with the ingredients for chocolate chip, raisin or sugar cookies. Add a sticker to the jar with all of the baking instructions.
47. Mini Candy Bars

Small candy bars fit perfectly into a teacher’s desk drawer for any time they need a pick-me-up during the day. Choose a variety of candies, including ones with nuts and caramel.
48. Thank You Garland

Secure pieces of paper or cardboard across a string to create a garland. Put a letter on each piece to create a thank you message for your teacher.
49. Brownie Kit

Stack the ingredients for brownies in a mason jar. Include special add-ons like nuts and chocolate candies. Complete the gift with a ribbon and cute tag.
50. Basket of Apples

Apples have long been a symbolic gift for teachers. Choose your favorite variety and gift it to your teacher in a wicker basket. Bonus points if you make it a caramel apple!
51. Push Pins

Tacks and push pins are always needed in the classroom. Give your teachers a box of colorful pins for a festive vibe.
52. Homemade Card

The most meaningful teacher appreciation ideas are ones that are sincere. Create a homemade card and write a message listing all of the things you appreciate about your teacher, or send them a Christmas card during the holidays.
53. Mason Jar Pencil Holder

Paint a mason jar red, then add green leaves made out of paper to resemble an apple. Place pencils inside for a truly practical gift.
54. Crayon Candy Dish

Form a basket out of colored crayons and glue. Fill the basket with candy and other treats for a gift your teacher will love having on their desks.
55. Appreciation Art

Frame words of appreciation to create art that your teacher will be proud to display. Include phrases, quotes or lyrics for an inspirational and uplifting message.
56. Party Kit Basket

Make the next classroom party easy to host, whether it’s for a birthday or holiday. Place napkins, silverware and plates in a cheerful box.
57. Color Themed Arrangement

Choose a color like pink or green and select gift items that match the theme. Include everything from gum to erasers to chapstick for a well rounded gift.
58. Chocolate Candy

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate? Personalize yours with stickers then fill a gift box. Add a gift tag for easy packaging.

Showing gratitude for teachers is essential, especially when they help your child become both smarter and kinder. Brighten your teacher’s day with a personalized gift they can use in the classroom. Gifting these gifts to your teacher will make them happy and feel appreciated by their students.

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