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UPDATE (12:42 pm, 02.23.21): Universal has pulled all the VelociCoaster merchandise that had “grand opening 2021” printed on it.

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The original article follows in its entirety below: Today has been quite the day for Jurassic World VelociCoaster – first, its last remaining construction walls were taken down, revealing the velociraptor paddock in all of its beautiful glory for the very first time; now, we got the double-whammy surprise of seeing the first themed merchandise arrive, as well. The slew of items include several shirts ($25-$30), tank tops ($23-$27), hoodies ($55), lanyards ($12) and pouches ($5), mugs ($15), toothpick holders ($9), keychains ($14), magnets ($12), pins ($12-$14), and, even, socks ($17), with designs that range from the titular velociraptors to...

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