Some of our favorite items to personalize with a Cricut machine

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The Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore Air 2, and Cricut Joy are fabulous machines that you can use to create all kinds of projects. You'll need some Cricut accessories along the way, and of course, you'll need some blanks to embellish with your creative designs. The best Cricut blanks make for great apparel, home decor, and gifts. Here are some of our favorites.

Wear your design

Cricut T-Shirt Blank

Staff Pick

Some of my favorite Cricut projects have been T-shirts I've made of my own design. These simple blank T-shirts from Cricut can be used for iron-on or Infusible Ink projects. Choose from a variety of sizes from infant through adult.

From $4 at Cricut

From $4 at Amazon

From $8 at Walmart

Carry your design

Cricut Tote Bag Blank

Why carry an ordinary tote bag when you can carry one you've designed yourself? This bag is formulated specifically for Infusible Ink for excellent results every time. It comes in different two sizes.

From $7 at Cricut

From $7 at Amazon

From $10 at Walmart

Table saver

Cricut Coaster Blanks

Speaking of Infusible Ink, did you know that you can use it on ceramic, not just fabric? These coasters from Cricut are perfect for adding some personality to your home decor. Choose round or square coasters.

$9 at Cricut

$9 at Amazon

$12 at Walmart

For travel

CPACC Aluminum Luggage Tags

A friend of mine personalized these luggage tags for her daughter's choir before they took a trip to perform abroad. Use permanent vinyl to make a design for these tags which come in a variety of colors. Order a two-pack, five-pack, or seven-pack.

From $6 at Amazon

Hot or cold beverages

Maars Skinny Mini Insulated Tumbler

This adorable little insulated travel mug fits in your car's cup holder and keeps 12 ounces of your favorite beverage hot for three hours, and your cold ones cold for nine hours. It's even dishwasher-safe, though Cricut recommends hand-washing items with vinyl decals. Choose from lots of color options.

$10 at Amazon

Clear sipper

Strata Cups Skinny Tumblers

Easily personalize these clear, straight-sided, double-walled tumblers with permanent vinyl. This set of four comes with the straws, a straw-cleaning brush, and randomly: name tags.

$16 at Amazon

Handy pouch

COZYMATE 12-Pack Canvas Pencil Pouch Cosmetic Bag

These multi-purpose canvas pencil/cosmetic bags are just the thing if you need to personalize for a group. At eight-by-five inches, these are the perfect size to keep on hand if you need to make a gift in a hurry. Make your design with iron-on HTV (heat transfer vinyl).

$13 at Amazon $19 at Walmart

Set of four

Teocera Porcelain Coffee Mugs

Make yourself a custom set of mugs with the design of your choice, your Cricut, and some permanent vinyl. I think these mugs just beg for witty sayings like "A yawn is a silent scream for coffee" or "But first, coffee." It's a blank canvas, so you do you. Choose a four-pack of black or white mugs.

From $23 at Amazon

Crafter's kitchen

Aunti Em's Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels

Use these towels for all manner of crafts. Not only can you use your Cricut to make an iron-on design, but you can also use these for embroidery and dyeing projects. Get a baker's dozen (13) of these 100% all-natural ring-spun cotton towels in a set. Choose from White or Unbleached Tan.

From $26 at Amazon

Your logo hat

Gelante Baseball Cap

This 100% cotton baseball cap comes in dozens of colors. It has an adjustable metal double-ring buckle; the gender-neutral hat is made to fit anyone. Iron-on a design of your own creation for a fully customized look.

$7 at Amazon $7 at Walmart

Pantry organization

OXO Good Grips POP Container

I love these airtight containers; as my current containers wear out, I'm replacing them with these. The straight sides make them easy to customize with Cricut-made pantry labels. I'd recommend making your labels from removable vinyl, just in case you want to change up the contents of the container.

From $6 at Amazon

From $14 at Walmart

From $6 at Amazon

Baby gift

Bedtime Originals Choo Choo Express Plush Elephant - Humphrey

Humphrey the Elephant shows up in all of the Cricut crafting groups, and for good reason. His adorable ears are the perfect place to iron on a design to create a personalized keepsake for baby. For example, you could put the baby's name in one ear, and the birth date and weight in the other.

$10 at Amazon $15 at Walmart

Add interest

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Apple iPhone 12 Case

This clear case is a solid choice for protecting your iPhone while still showing off its beauty. But it's kind of boring on its own, no? It's the perfect canvas for the vinyl decal you create to truly make it your own with your name, monogram, logo, or any design you like.

From $12 at Amazon

Literal canvas

Artlicious Canvas Panels 12 Pack - 12 inch x 12 inch Super Value Pack

With an actual blank canvas, you can create just about anything. For example, you could combine paint and Cricut-cut vinyl decals or rolled flowers. Or use your Cricut to cut a plastic stencil, then use it to apply paint to the canvas leaving negative space. This nicely-priced 12-pack means you can do a whole gallery wall.

$26 at Amazon

The best Cricut blanks

I've had a lot of fun making Infusible Ink T-shirts, so I'd certainly recommend picking up a couple of the Cricut T-Shirt Blanks in your size. Of course, you can use any T-shirts, including the ones in your closet already, to make HTV/iron-on projects with your Cricut. Infusible Ink is a bit more finicky; not that you have to buy Cricut's own T-shirts but you will need a fabric that is at least 60% polyester. I'd recommend at least starting with Cricut's blanks if you're working with Infusible Ink since they are specially made for that purpose. Once you've mastered it, then it might be fun to experiment with other t-shirts.

I'll never have that Pinterest-worthy pantry, but I'm trying to slowly convert over to exclusively OXO Good Grips POP Containers. They work great, they're easy to open and close, they seal tightly, and they look good. I own a number of different shapes and sizes and plan to add to my collection over the years as I need new containers. I made a cool label for my flour container with my Cricut out of reusable vinyl, so if I decide I want to put something different in there, I can easily replace the label.

Particularly when you're starting out, I recommend scouring your home for blanks rather than buying a whole bunch right away. For example, I bought a hand soap and lotion set but I didn't love the label. So, I peeled it off and made my own with the Cricut. Another of my favorite projects: I made an Instant Pot decal with Freddy Mercury and David Bowie that says, "Under Pressure."