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We thought it about time to do some good ol’ fashion budget content. I have now been a renter for about 12 years with no sign of that changing anytime soon. So unless I want to dump an obscene amount of money renovating a home I don’t actually own, I need to make the most out of my small yet happy bathroom. This post is really for us all.

I may have ranted about this before but unless you live alone (and even if you do) your bathroom is your sanctuary—away from your kids, animals, partner or whatever else you live with. It’s the time for just you and your phone. And should your private sanctuary be a place you love being in? Well, we think yes. So here’s how to achieve the bathroom you deserve at a price your wallet will be happy with. So before the shopping begins let’s get into our five EHD approved bathroom refresh tips.
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD | From: Sylvia’s Makeover: A Quick Refresh 1. Color Palette
Pardon if we sound like a broken record on this one but if I have learned one thing from Emily it’s how important a consistent color palette is. It’s really the easiest/only way to have your space look pulled together. If you have a consistent color palette then you can easily mix styles and textures. Emily typically recommends choosing 3-4 colors so it feels fun but not chaotic.
2. Pick Your Moment
What we mean by this one is have a key decor moment. It may seem like in a small bathroom that that’s impossible but it could be something as simple as a bold floor mat. What you want to stay away from is choosing a bold mat, a crazy patterned shower curtain and also paint your wall a bright color. Your eyes need space to rest and if they don’t have a chance to your brain will go into overload quick.
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD | From: Guest Bathroom Reveal3. Mix Up The Matching Set
This goes for both towels and sink accessories. Sure it seems like a no brainer to buy matching sets but if you want to up your style game don’t be afraid to mix and match with other styles. As long as it’s in the same color palette and the pattern scales/textures are varied you will have a beautifully customize bathroom that is special to just you:) A budget hack is to buy a simple inexpensive solid bath towel and then with the money you saved choose a more visually interesting handtowel. This way you still get the style but for less doll hairs.
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD | From: Scott’s Bathroom Makeover With Parachute4. Use The Vertical Space
Again with another tip we say a lot but that’s because it’s IMPORTANT. Especially if you have limited space and say only a vanity for storage, you should absolutely install some shelves, put up an over-the-toilet cabinet or a tall leaning ladder. Your bathroom should feel peaceful so use your vertical space to keep things organized and your ceilings feeling taller.
5. Paint Your Walls
Unless you have an all tiled bathroom or it was freshly painted upon moving in, do yourself a favor and give those walls a fresh coat. Even if you want to keep them a similar color. There is nothing like freshly painted walls. They make your space feel brand new, clean and it’s a very easy (and affordable) way to customize.
Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp for EHD | From: Refreshing Your Bathroom With Target’s Project 62 Line
Now that we have the tips down, let’s get to the shopping. We have EIGHT categories for you to mix, match and spruce up the heck out of your bathroom. Ready, set, refresh.
Shower Curtains
Wanna make a bold statement quick? Go for a bold shower curtain. It will be the quickest and most noticeable change in your refresh. Plus shower curtains can get kind of gross over time so you are probably due to treat yourself. My personal favorites are #11, #14 and #15.

1. White And Ivory Embroidered Pom Pom | 2. Organic Dobby Ombre | 3. Tufted Makers | 4. Magical Thinking Pompom | 5. OTTSJON | 6. Agneta | 7. Tufted Dot | 8. Georgina Floral PEVA | 9. KINNEN | 10. Antique Rose | 11. Textured Stripe Black | 12. Allover Fruits | 13. Organic Offset Lines | 14. Patterned | 15. Striped
Shower Rods & Hooks
Despite popular belief, you can’t hang a shower curtain without a shower rod. I know so annoying. So since you need one you might as well pick a cute one. I have personally seen #1 and thought it was really great looking for the price and if I didn’t already have perfectly great rings I would snag #3 right up.

1. Bamboo Curtain Rod | 2. S Curtain Hooks | 3. Shower Curtain Ring | 4. Dual Mount Curtain Rod | 5. Matte Black S Hook | 6. Aluminum Curtain Rod | 7. Metal Curtain Rings | 8. Metal Tension Rod | 9. Metal Ball Hook | 10. V Hook Curtain Ring | 11. Spring Tension Rod | 12. Shower Curtain Rod | 13. Tension Rod Stall | 14. Rose Gold S Hook | 15. Expandable Large Curtain Rod
Bath Mats
Let’s move to the ground, shall we? I personally love making my bath mat “my moment” in my bathroom. It feels less of a visual commitment than a bold shower curtain but still makes an impact. I really love all of these mats but if I had to chose I would say #1, #6 and #9. Yes, I am very predictable.

1. Rust Bath Mat | 2. Striped Bath Mat | 3. Diamond Bath Mat | 4. Textured Diamond Bath Mat | 5. Stone Washed Indigo Bath Mat | 6. Grid Bath Mat | 7. Bamboo Bath Mat | 8. Linen Bath Mat | 9. Brown Striped Bath Mat | 10. Geometric Bath Mat | 11. Woven Dot Bath Mat | 12. Black Jacquard Bath Mat | 13. Black and White Tasseled Bath Mat | 14. Two-Piece Bath Mat Set | 15. Khaki Bath Mat
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD | From: Our Classic Modern Master Bathroom RevealTowels
O, boy, do I love a pretty towel and these ones fit the bill. I do want to say that there is nothing wrong with a towel set and sometimes that is 100% the way to go. However, I do want to show you what I mean by mixing and matching. You could pair #4 and #8 or #11 and #12. Their pattern scales are varied and the colors or tones talk to each other.

1. Cotton Terry Hand Towel | 2. Diamond Nala Bath Towel | 3. Woven Pattern Washcloth | 4. Traditional Floral Towel | 5. Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel Set | 6. Striped Towel With Fringe | 7. Color Block Hammam Hand Towel | 8. Embroidered Hem Towel | 9. Opalhouse Towel | 10. Textured Stripe Bath Towel | 11. Cotton Terry Bath Towel | 12. Knotted Fringe Bath Towel | 13. Taupe Bath Towel | 14. Dot Bath Towel | 15. Organic Textured Towels
Is there any such thing as too much bathroom storage? The answer is just simply no. Somehow the bathroom is the ultimate collector of things and here are some options to help make those things look nice. I personally love #3 and #5.

1. RAGRUND | 2. Etta Over-The-Door Multi-Hook | 3. Leaning Ladder Rack | 4. Devon Bath Leaning Storage Rack | 5. Raskog | 6. Wesley Over-The-Toilet Storage Shelf | 7. Floating Shelves | 8. VILTO | 9. Bathroom Cabinet Organizer | 10. Bamboo 2 Tier Shelf | 11. Over-The Door Tiered Storage Rack | 12. Trails End Over the Toilet Storage Cabinet | 13. Rosella Towel Rack | 14. 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer | 15. DYNAN
Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp for EHD | From: Portland Reveal: How The Bathroom I Was Most Nervous About Turned Out To Be My FavoriteWastebaskets
So I was recently confronted with the fact that I am sort of wastebasket collector. I have two and only really need one but still am constantly tempted to buy more. It’s weird and it’s a problem but when you see a cute little trash bin how do you say no?? #2, #4 and #8 really have my heart.

1. White Wood | 2. Solid Faceted | 3. Umbra Aspen Treela | 4. Umbra Droplet Smoke Acrylic | 5. White Resin | 6. Umbra Spruce Woodrow | 7. Black Plastic | 8. White Eco Cocoon | 9. Woven
Toilet Paper & Towel Holders
An easy way to make your bathroom feel elevated and custom is to find pretty hardware. When I officially design my bathroom it will be the first thing I choose because it feels permanent and sets the tone for the space. I love love #5, #11 and #14 (it’s ceramic you guys).

1. Matte Black Contemporary Towel Bar | 2. Minimal Rose Gold Toilet Paper Holder | 3. Modern Toilet Paper Holder | 4. Harlow Toilet Paper Holder | 5. Set of 3 Dot Towel Hook | 6. Toilet Paper Holder and Dispenser | 7. Black 2 Arm Hook | 8. Gold Towel Bar | 9. Rough Cast Black Toilet Paper Holder | 10. Simple Wood Toilet Paper Holder | 11. Black Triangle Toilet Paper Holder | 12. Toilet Paper Stand + Tray | 13. Hexagon Towel Ring | 14. Corin Toilet Paper Holder | 15. Cleat Polished Nickel Wall Hook
Sink Accessories
Did I save the best for last? Yes, yes I did because the accessories are like the jewelry of the room and I think it’s safe to say most of us love at least a little bit of jewelry. We just recommend that you keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with too much stuff. A simple soap option, cup and toothbrush holder is plenty (especially if you have limited real estate). It’s so hard to choose but I really love #10, #11, #16 and #20.

1. Glass Toothbrush Mug | 2. Solid Soap Dish | 3. Gold Soap Dispenser | 4. Ribbed Toothbrush Mug | 5. Sandstone Soap Dispenser | 6. Corin Storage Jar | 7. Resin Bathroom Tumbler | 8. Toothbrush Holder | 9. Divider Toothbrush Stand | 10. Toothbrush Holder | 11. Plastic Soap Dispenser | 12. Toothbrush Holder | 13. Marble Toothbrush Holder | 14. Toothbrush Stand (set of 2) | 15. Solid Soap Dispenser | 16. Wooden Soap Dish | 17. Glass Soap Dispenser | 18. Porcelain Toothbrush Mug | 19. Cement Toothbrush Holder | 20. Ceramic Soap Dish | 21. Ceramic Soap Dispenser

Well, now I think it’s time to click the purchase button and wait by the door for your lovely delivery person to hand you your (what feels like) a present…to yourself. I hope you found this roundup helpful and a little inspiring. One small change can make a big difference so don’t feel like you need an overhaul. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions and have a beautiful budget-friendly day.

Love you, mean it.

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