Looking for gifts for best friends that they'll love? Here are a variety of gifts for every type of girl. 

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Even though you know your best friends like the back of your hand, it can be hard to think of the perfect gift for them, especially when you're on a budget. 

You want to find something that they love and they'll use, but also something that isn't totally basic. These are our favorite gifts for best friends that we are getting our own bffs! 

This post is all about gifts for best friends.


Best Overall:  Custom Best Friends Portrait

"I just got this from my best friend and it's sooo cute! It fits my aesthetic but also so personal. Obsessed!"

Best Under $25: 
Casetify Phone Case

"I love this phone case. It's so cute but also feel like my phone isn't going to shatter when I drop it which is always a plus."

Best Value:  Sephora Perfume Set

"This perfume set was perfect for someone indecisive like me. I got to try out so many nice perfumes before choosing one that I want to commit to."

Most Popular:
Summer Fridays Lip Balm

"This lip balm is honestly heavenly. Like seriously everyone needs to own this!"

Best Custom Gift: Anthropologie Mug with Initials

"I'm so in love with this coffee mug! The design is amazing. I've been using it every morning for my coffee and it makes me so happy."

Best Appliance:
Milk Frother

"This has really upped my at-home coffee game. It seriously makes my coffee so foamy and I actually enjoy my coffee at home now!"





1. Satin Sleep Set

Ray Bans have some high quality and classic style sunglasses. These are a great investment that will last your girlfriend a long time.

I love these hexagon shape. They are unique but still timeless and suit a ton of different face shapes!

2. Cute Frame With Photo of You Two

Buy on Target

You can't go wrong with a cute photo of you and your best friends. Get a cute frame that fits their aesthetic and you've got such a cute gift that's also affordable! 

3. Summer Fridays Lip Balm

Buy on Sephora

For the beauty lovers, this lip butter balm is to die for. People are going crazy over this product! 

This is a perfect gift to get anyone that loves beauty products but you don't want to spend a ton (because beauty is so expensive!)

4. Anthropologie Initials Mug

Buy on Anthropologie

Anthropologie truly has the best home products. I mean, how cute are these mugs?! 

Anything personalized can be a great gift for best friends. This is especially good for those on a budget. It'd be super cute to add their favorite candy and a gift card into the mug too!

5. Cute & Comfy Pajamas

Buy on Shopbop

Comfy pajamas are also a good go-to gift for any girl. Every girl loves a good lounge outfit, especially when it matches. Shopbop has some really trendy sets and pajamas that are pretty affordable. 

6. Name Necklace

Buy on Etsy

Custom jewelry is one of my favorite gifts to give my best friends. It just adds a more thoughtful touch than just a normal necklace. 

I love how dainty this one is! It's also perfect for layering so it would be great for any type of girl. 

7. Custom Planner

Buy on Papier

A custom planner is a great gift for the girls that love to stay organized. Papier has so many great options and they are all customizable. Highly recommend! 

I just got one of these for my birthday from my best friends and I was so excited! 

8. Five Minute Journal

Buy on Urban Outfitters

The Five Minute Journal is something I think everyone should use. It takes five minutes in the morning and night and helps you reflect on the good things in life and what you can work on. 

It's also pink and cute which is always a plus! 

9. Anthropologie Candles

Buy on Anthropologie

What girl doesn't love Anthropologie candles, am I right?! 

They not only smell good, but look amazing. Prices definitely range from affordable to expensive so depending on your price point, there is definitely one for you! 


10.  Milk Bar Cookie Set

Buy on Milk Bar

Milk Bar is one of my favorite things to send my long distance best friends. You can get so many things delivered through them and they treats still taste amazing by the time they get there! 

Also, Milk Bar just has the best cookies and cakes. Other baked goods I love sending are from Levaine Bakery and Baked By Melissa. Definitely a unique gift but a crowd pleaser! 

11. Personalized Luggage Tag + Passport Holder 

Buy on Esty

If your best friend is a travel lover, gifting a personalized luggage tag and passport holder is such a cute gift. Having a luggage tag really elevates the traveling experience and adding a personalized touch is even better!

12. Engraved Necklace


Jewelry is always a go-to gift for any girl But when it's customized with her initial, that's when you hit the jackpot. 

You can get this gold pendant engraved with your best friend's initials for the perfect amount of personalization. She won't want to take this off. 

13. Reusable Produce Bags

I have a few friends that are very environmentally conscious and love finding new ways to save plastic and waste. These reusable produce bags save so much plastic when grocery shopping! 

I know my friends would be super excited to get these as a gift. 

14. Kombucha Brewing Kit

Does your best friend love kombucha? Get this kit so she can make it herself! 


15. Custom Portrait of Friends

Buy on Etsy

I am so obsessed with this portrait of best friends! Like how cute?

Pick your favorite picture of you and your best friends, and get it hand-crafted into a portrait! So personal and will mean way more to your friends than something ordinary. 

16. Initials Necklace

Buy on Nordstrom

Again, custom jewelry is always a good gift for best friends! It's something personal to them that will make them think of you every time they put it on.

17. Homesick Candle

Buy on Homesick

Have some long distance best friends you want a sentimental gift for? 

Get this Homesick candle with the place that you guys met or had your best times in. 

18. A Surprise Weekend Trip

If you can afford it, surprise your best friends with a surprise trip! You don't have to pay for it all obviously but suggest somewhere and treat them with a nice dinner on you or paying for a portion of it! 

Experiences are always way better than material items, in my opinion. This would create so many great memories with your besties. 

19. Perfume Set

Buy on Sephora

Girls love their perfumes but they can get pricey. I love gift sets for more expensive items because you can try out a range of products without having to pay full price. 

This allows your best friend to explore a variety of scents and then if she loves one, she can purchase the full size! 


20. Ugg Slippers 

You literally can't go wrong with Ugg slippers. I recommend these to everyone I know and have converted many people into hardcore Ugg slipper lovers lol.

Any girl that loves to lounge around in comfy clothes, or just wants a warm and cozy slipper to slip on after a long day at work, this is what she needs! Trust me, your best friend will be wearing these around the house 24/7. 

21. Oven Mitt

For the friend that loves to cook, this oven mitt is a practical gift that will also make her smile every time she uses it. 

22. Healing Clay Mask

Got a skincare lover on your hands? This healing clay mask is amazing for stripping the toxins out of your skin. It has raving reviews so I'm sure your best friend will love it too! 

23. Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential oils are a great way to relax while making your room smell amazing. If your best friend sometimes needs to relax, this is the gift for her!

24. Erin Condren Planner

The Erin Condren Planners are loved by many hardcore organizers. It really has everything you could ever need to stay organized.

You can also personalize it to the liking of your friend! Highly recommend this as a gift for best friends. 

25. Yoga Set

Having all the yoga necessities at home can really step up any yogi's game! This yoga set has everything you need to have an at-home yoga session. Perfect for any yoga-lover! 


26. Becoming by Michelle Obama

I personally have not read this yet, but my friends that have rave about it. If you're best friend loves to read, inspiring books are perfect! 

27. Travel Jewelry Holder

Any girl can relate to this, but the most frustrating thing is traveling and opening up to see all of your jewelry in one large knot. 

An item that most girls don't own is a travel jewelry holder. But it's definitely one of those things that we don't know we need until we actually have it. This one is amazing and pretty inexpensive. Trust me, this will be an amazing gift that she will use religiously. 

28. Retinol Infused Mask

Buy on Sephora

For the busy girl on the go that doesn't get the sleep that she probably needs, these eye masks are made for her. Relaxing and de-puffing, these eye masks are amazing! 

29. Castify Phone Case

Buy on Casetify

A more affordable gift option is a cute phone case. Casetify has sooo many option for phone cases that are protective but also look gooood. 

30. Gift Cards

Can't go wrong with gift cards! Gift cards sometimes don't feel very personal but you can always get one to her favorite store or her favorite restaurant. 

31. Coasters

I love having coasters around my apartment. I think they are practical but also a great decor piece. Find coasters that fit her aesthetic, and you've got a perfect gift ideas! 

32. Coffee Making Appliances

For the coffee addict, a milk frother is a great coffee accessory to have. It will allow them to create full-on lattes right in the comfort of their own home. 

There are a ton of coffee making accessories you could also get: 

Coffee Grinder
Mug Warmer
French Press

The sky is the limit when it comes to coffee. 

33. Face Masks

Skincare is always a go-to gift idea for best friends because it's something she will definitely use. I love the variety packs like this because it's so fun to try out new things!

34. Mindfulness Cards

We love a good self-care moment. These mind fullness cards are great for mind, body and soul. 

35. Corksicle Glass

Corkcicle's are seriously so good! They keep drinks hot for hours on end, so they are perfect for any coffee addict. 

Make an at-home latte and put it in your Corkcicle coffee mug and by the time you get to work or class, it'll still be hot!

36. Custom AirPod Case

Customize on Casetify

For an extra personalized touch to your bestie's life, design her a custom AirPod case. 

This is such a fun gift, especially for those people that have a creative mind and want to put it to good use. 

LOVE this and want one for myself haha.


37. Bath Tub Tray

Does your girl friend have a bathtub she has and wishes she actually used? Get this bathtub tray so she keep everything she needs in a bath nice and dry. 

38. Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoops are such a good staple to have in a woman's wardrobe. These are amazing because they look expensive but are less than $15!! They honestly last a while too. 

For those of you on a budget, this is really great gift that's affordable but still good quality. 

39. Perfume

Perfume is an amazing gift idea for any girl. Get her a refill of her signature scent, or opt for a new scent that reminds you of her. Travel sizes are also a more affordable way to gift perfume if you are on a tighter budget! 

40. Hair Clips

The big claw clips are BACK. I love this trend because it's so cute but also practical. It makes throwing up your hair as easy as it gets! 

This set is super affordable and comes with a few different colors. You could even split it up and give one to each of your best friends! 

41. Simple Ring

Buy on Mejuri

If your best friend wears rings, a high quality ring is a really great gift. Since rings are constantly being washed and touched, more than other jewelry would, they can tarnish a lot faster. 

Having high quality rings that won't get ruined easily is something women definitely look for. This is something she will love and appreciate. 

This post is all about gifts for best friends.
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