It’s hard to figure out what to give your mom, and children especially need help

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Here are 50+ great ideas for Mother’s Day crafts for kids!

When you are a kid, it’s hard to even understand holidays, much less think of projects to make for them. Sometimes the little ones just need a bit of guidance!

This post is for dads or moms that are looking for gifts for grandma . . . basically anyone who needs good ideas for Mother’s Day crafts for kids!

I thought all of these selections were really cute, and you can use them or display them with pride. What did I choose? You’ll just have to see by scrolling down!
Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids
You're going to love this list of Mother's Day craft ideas for kids! Lots of kids ideas that young kids can make. From toddlers and preschoolers to teens and tweens, there are projects for everyone on this list.
1 Flower Tote Bag
Learn how to make a DIY flower tote with real flowers! This is a fun craft for kids, and makes a great Mother's Day gift.
Get the Tutorial 2 Handmade Mother's Day Card
Are you looking for a handmade Mother's Day card idea that both littles and adults will have fun making? This is that card - so darling!
Get the Tutorial 3 Marble Nail Polish Mugs
Learn how to make the coolest nail polish mugs ever - on a budget! Get the dos and don'ts for making the mugs, and get tips for washing. Perfect for a handmade gift idea.
Get the Tutorial 4 Mother's Day Mason Jar Votives Photo Credit: Jackie Cravener
I've loved to paint my whole life, and I'd look for any excuse to break out the brush. This colorful mason jar gets kids started with painting and makes a perfect gift for mom.
Get the Tutorial 5 Handprint and Footprint Vase Photo Credit: Katie Pinch
This handprint and footprint flower craft complete with a vase is perfect for anyone planning on making mom smile, maybe even cry a little on Mother’s Day. Make them every year and watch them grow!
Get the Tutorial 6 Ring Dish with a Hand Painted Design
Make a cute little clay ring dish with hand painted accents! These darling dishes are a pretty personalized gift, and are so easy to make.
Get the Tutorial 7 DIY Child's Artwork Candle Photo Credit: Cindy Hopper
I love Mother's Day crafts for kids that are useful, and this is a great example of one that fits that need. Kids can make a candle using their artwork, and it's a gift that moms will love!
Get the Tutorial 8 Polymer Clay Necklace for Kids
Learn how to make a polymer clay necklace for kids featuring hand drawn pictures! Kids will have fun drawing, stringing, and giving as gifts.
Get the Tutorial 9 Fruit Stamping on Tea Towels
Use a fun fruit stamping technique to decorate some plain tea towels. These make great gifts and they are so easy - even a young kid can make them!
Get the Tutorial 10 FREE Printable Mother's Day Card Photo Credit: Christine Backus
Here’s a FREE printable Mother’s Day card and coloring page! Just have your little one get their crayon or marker game on, then give it to a momma in your life this Mother’s Day.
Get the Tutorial 11 Rainbow Painted Flower Pots
Use paint to make painted flower pots with rainbow ombre awesomeness! Both children and adults alike will love this easy craft. In fact, mothers and kids might want to make it together for Mother's Day!
Get the Tutorial 12 Painted Handprint Flower Pot Photo Credit: Stacey Gibbon
This might be the cutest handprint craft I've ever seen - I love this sweet flower pot! I love the idea of making this craft with kids for Mother's Day each year for the progression.
Get the Tutorial 13 Mother's Day Perler Bead Tray Photo Credit: Vanessa Brady
This Mother’s Day perler tray takes a while to put together, but is easy enough for kids to make. Teens and tweens in particular will love this project.
Get the Tutorial 14 Floral Herb Perfume Photo Credit: Agnes Hu
Help mom smell her best on her special day. This fragrant kid-made floral and herb “perfume” is simply made with water and some essential oils.
Get the Tutorial 15 Mod Podge Candle Holders Photo Credit: Michelle McKinley
You'll make these cute candle holders with Mod Podge, tissue paper, and some sweet embellishments. A sweet reminder to mom that you love her on Mother's Day.
Get the Tutorial 16 Flower Pens
Learn how to make make DIY flower pens using this simple tutorial! You can also use this tutorial with dowel rods to make cute duct tape flowers.
Get the Tutorial 17 Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklace Photo Credit: Cheryl Spangenberg
I have the perfect, heartfelt, DIY gift idea for Mother's Day: DIY heart thumbprint necklaces! These could also be keychains because the options are endless, however the gift is priceless.
Get the Tutorial 18 Colorful Hand-Dotted Tumblers Photo Credit: Sarah Lipoff
Along with being easy to create, the finished tumblers cost around $3 each to make. Pick up tumblers from your local resale shop or dollar store and then grab the paint. Kids can make this as Mother's Day gift very easily!
Get the Tutorial 19 Handprint Flower Bookmarks Photo Credit: Stacey Gibbon
Moms: create some one-of-a-kind handprint flower DIY bookmarks for kids. Make this fun craft with your child to celebrate the upcoming change in season and to create an awesome keepsake/gift at the same time.
Get the Tutorial 20 Craft Stick Flower Pots Photo Credit:
A colorful spring craft for kids to make, these popsicle stick flower pots are a no-mess craft and make an adorable homemade Mother's Day gift!
Get the Tutorial 21 EASY Egg Carton Art on Canvas Photo Credit: Steve Carrell
If you need an easy kids’ craft idea with great results, this egg carton art is fun and sure to please. This recycled canvas art can be customized for any holiday or decor, and is a perfect Mother's Day craft for kids.
Get the Tutorial 22 Salt Dough Flower Magnets Photo Credit: Kim McLeod
Mother’s Day is a perfect time to make some salt dough ornaments! You can make salt dough simply as a keepsake or turn them into gift magnets like these.
Get the Tutorial 23 Mother's Day Trinket Dish Photo Credit: Stephanie Morgan
This Mother's Day craft for kids is perfect for anyone who likes painting! You'll be painting a plastic animal and adding to a dish - it's a very simple gift idea.
Get the Tutorial 24 Flower Thumbprint Planter Photo Credit: Stephanie Glover
If you have little ones, this is the sweetest Mother’s Day craft and gift idea that any mom, aunt, or grandma will love. Trust me, Moms love a handmade gift that they can treasure forever, and this fits the bill.
Get the Tutorial 25 Photo Flower Bouquet Photo Credit: Mandy Douglass
This is a gift that grandmothers are going to love! Make a paper flower bouquet with pictures of all the grandkids . . . it's the best bunch of flowers she'll ever get.
Get the Tutorial 26 Mother's Day Newspaper Photo Credit:
Honor mom by publishing your own Mother's Day newspaper! This has a free printable available as well, all the kids will have to do is color some images.
Get the Tutorial 27 DIY Handprint Apron Gift Idea Photo Credit: Kierste Wade
This apron gift is a perfect one for mom or grandma - you can use any paint colors that she would love. Just add handprints!
Get the Tutorial 28 Egg Carton Flower Pins Photo Credit: Leslie Manlapig
There's something beautiful about receiving a gift made by tiny hands. With Mother's Day coming soon, I thought it would be fun to share these bright and colorful flower pins that kids can make and mom can wear.
Get the Tutorial 29 Shrinky Dinks Mother's Day Gift  Photo Credit: Jen Sedillo
Here’s a fun little craft for the kids to make for Mother’s Day. Honestly, adults will have just as much (if not more?) fun making these Shrinky Dink keychains. A great idea for mom and the littles to make together.
Get the Tutorial 30 Grandma's Brag Bag Photo Credit: Allison McDonald
Your grandma is proud to be called "mimi" - let her display it on a painted bag! Kids can help make their own stencil and then paint their design.
Get the Tutorial 31 Fingerprint Art Glass Magnets Photo Credit: Nell Regan
Fingerprint art magnets are a fun handmade gift that kids can make for Mother's Day or any gift occasion. Invite children to use their fingertips and thumbs to make these quick and easy magnets at home or in the classroom.
Get the Tutorial 32 Mother's Day Handprint Flower Pot Photo Credit: Kasey Schwartz
This Mother’s Day handprint flower pot is an adorable keepsake that you can use for years to come. I love the idea of an entire garden of these.
Get the Tutorial 33 Flower Pot Pens Photo Credit: Christina Paul
Mom should have a cute pen for writing out checks and filling out permission slips! Make these pens as a gift for Mother's Day, perfect for storing on her desk in a pot.
Get the Tutorial 34 Painted Rock Photo Holder Photo Credit: Chelsey Marashian
This painted rock photo holder craft for kids is perfect as a homemade gift for Mother’s Day. This creative craft using stones of various sizes can be adapted for just about any age.
Get the Tutorial 35 Handprint Butterfly Keepsake Photo Credit: Anna Ranson
Learn how to make a salt dough handprint butterfly as a fun craft and lasting keepsake for Mother's Day. These are fun for kids to make and to paint!
Get the Tutorial 36 Kids Art Coasters Make Great Gifts Photo Credit: Megan Kapple
Learn how to make kids artwork gifts with these wooden coasters! These kids art coasters are REALLY easy to make and are so cute.
Get the Tutorial 37 Mother-Daughter Necklace Set Photo Credit: Nell Regan
Make a mother-daughter bracelet or necklace set using this step by step jewelry making tutorial. This necklace set is a unique handmade gift that kids, teens, and adults can make for Mother’s Day.
Get the Tutorial 38 Butterfly Mug Painting Photo Credit: Kim McLeod
I love Mother’s Day crafts that mom or grandma will treasure and be able to enjoy on a daily basis. These thumbprint butterfly mugs are the perfect gift for your little one to create!
Get the Tutorial 39 Painted Fingerprint Frame Photo Credit:
Make a sweet, personalized frame using paint and fingerprints to create the flowers. Add a cute photo or message to mom.
Get the Tutorial 40 Decorative Trinket Dish Photo Credit: Stacey Gibbon
Grab a terra cotta saucer and some paint to make these cute handprint trinket dish. Perfect for holding jewelry or other goodies on mom's dresser.
Get the Tutorial 41 Shrinky Dink Necklace and Earrings Photo Credit: Steve Carrell
If you aren’t sure what to make for mom this Mother’s Day, you might like this Shrinky Dink jewelry. Just add Dimensional Magic!
Get the Tutorial 42 Thumbprint Heart Magnets Photo Credit: Stacey Gibbon
This Mother's Day craft for kids is fun to make and fun to paint! I love air dry clay, and these thumbprint magnets use that acrylic paint. Such an easy project.
Get the Tutorial 43 Make a Doily Bowl Photo Credit: Steve Carrell
I used doilies from the dollar bins and Mod Podge Stiffy in this unique doily bowl project! You can make one with any size doily. Great gift idea for mom.
Get the Tutorial 44 Yarn Wrapped Flower Craft Photo Credit: Emma Smith
Brighten up her Mother's Day with these cute yarn wrapped flowers! These lovely paper flowers can be enjoyed as they are or potted up into little paper filled plant pots. Either way I’m sure you’ll agree they are just adorable.
Get the Tutorial 45 Handmade Flower Jewelry Dish Photo Credit:
Easy kid-made flower-shaped jewelry dish for mom. A heartfelt gift idea for mom this Mother’s Day, and you can make it in the shape of her favorite bloom.
Get the Tutorial 46 Pasta Mosaic Art Project for Kids Photo Credit: Chelsey Marashian
Have you tried making mosaics before? You're going to love using pasta to create all kinds of unique pictures and designs (and they make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day too). This sensory art project is perfect for all ages!
Get the Tutorial 47 Button Pendants Photo Credit: Allison McDonald
Kid made jewelry is special, and this easy Mother’s Day craft is no exception. Children can use buttons and lids to create a cute necklace for mom that she'll always treasure.
Get the Tutorial 48 Popsicle Stick Picture Frame Photo Credit: Lisa Favre
Are you looking for a Mother’s Day gift kids can make? You’ll love this incredibly sweet magnetic popsicle stick picture frame. Add any photos you like.
Get the Tutorial 49 Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet Gift Photo Credit: Rachel Nipper
This pretty Mother’s Day flower bouquet gift is unbelievably simple to create and it makes such a bright and pretty decoration for mom, grandma or aunt to display in their home.
Get the Tutorial 50 Mother’s Day Butterfly Card Photo Credit: Rachel Nipper
Get ready for Mom’s heart to flutter with happiness when you give her this pretty Mother’s Day butterfly card. This cute butterfly craft is easy for preschoolers and kids of all ages to make with the help of a craft template.
Get the Tutorial 51 Beaded Pipe Cleaner Flowers Photo Credit: Debbie Chapman
These beaded pipe cleaner flowers are so fun! They take less than ten minutes to make and are easy to put in a sweet bouquet for a Mother's Day gift.
Get the Tutorial 52 Watercolor Bookmark and Card Photo Credit:
This Mother’s Day bookmark and card set is such a lovely handmade gift idea for kids to make! I love the beautiful bright colors of the watercolors and the way they mix together on the paper to create unique and interesting patterns. 
Get the Tutorial
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