Hi friends!  Happy almost Friday!  How’s your week going? Today is a fun day – two of my favorite people were born today!

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Brian and my longtime (25 years and counting) friend Maggie!  So funny that they share the same birthday!  I guess I like Virgos -my Mom is one too.:) We’re taking Maggie out to lunch at Perry’s Steakhouse today, and then we’re having a special dinner for Brian with his sister and her husband.  It’ll be my first time meeting them, so fingers crossed it goes well!  What should I wear?! 

I’ve started sprinkling Fall decor around my house and it’s gotten me so in the mood for all things Fall and cozy!  I love this time of year, but I often feel like the only person on the planet that doesn’t enjoy Pumpkin Spice Lattes!  I much prefer a mocha! What about you??

Today, I put together two collages for you- one is neutral Fall decor (inspired by my dining room) and the second one is full of cozy.  I love putting these collages together for ya!  And I still use PicMonkey to make them! #oldschool


Chairs • Mirror • Tassel Beads • Pouf • Macrame Planter • Vases • Throw • Flameless Candles • Decorative Books • Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig • Basket • Macrame Wall Hanging • Faux Leather Pillow Cover • Tassel Pillow Cover

Chairs • I was able to reuse the upholstered chairs I already had for my dining room makeover, but had I needed new ones, this set of 2 is so pretty! I love the light wood wash and neutral beige fabric that that goes so well with almost anything.  And it’s a classic shape that never goes out of style.

Mirror • Mirrors bring so much light to a room and circles soften all the square lines in a room.  This one is 20 inches with a gold finish.

Tassel Beads • I have a set of these wooden beads sitting in a decorative dish in my living room, but they look so good all over the house.  You could add them to your 3-tiered tray, put them on your Christmas tree (already so looking forward to it) , around a candle or lamp- the ideas are endless.  This particular pair has over 1,000 positive reviews.

Pouf • The chunky knit texture on this pouf adds a lot of interest to your room.  They’re also incredibly useful for resting your feet or just as a decorative accent.  1,800 positive reviews on this one!

Macrame Planter • The macrame planter I have in my kitchen is one of my favorite decor pieces.  Every time I take it down to water it, that space looks so sparce and barren without it!  And my plant has grown so much since I first hung it!  The macrame knit style gives such a boho charm to a space.  You can hang this one from the ceiling or on a wall.

Vases • These white distressed ceramic vases come in a set of three and they are functional (holding water) for real flowers.

Throw • Definitely take a closer look at this decorative throw blanket.  It has a beautiful textured diamond pattern and a row of delicate fringe.  I think it’s better suited as a decorative accent draped over the back of your sofa, at the end of a chair, or tucked into a basket, rather than cozying up with.  But don’t worry, I’ve got a super cozy blanket for you below!

Flameless Candles • We used these candles all.the.time last winter and they were great because they come with a remote that the kids can operate!  You can also put them on a timer to stay on for 2-8 hours, then they automatically turn off.  You just need 3 AAA batteries for each candle (there are 9 in the set).  These candles look real, they are made with real wax and the flame flickers!

Decorative Books • I’ve been seeing these modern rustic books around a lot lately and I think they are darling.  This set of three comes with the words “Home” “Sweet” “Home” and includes the decorative twine to tie around the bundle.  And they aren’t fake books- they are new, real books with blank pages you (or your kids) can write in.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig • The best statement making plant sure is finicky! I had a real one in my old office and it was professionally cared for and really thrived- but it was also right next to a huge window, so it got tons of natural light.  The real fiddle leaf fig I had in my home bit the dust in no time. Now, I opt for faux and this one looks really good.  You can get it in varying heights (22in – 49″).  You’ll want to ‘repot’ it since it just comes in a plain black bucket.

Basket • That’s where this basket comes in! The seagrass adds that texture we’ve been talking about, and it comes in three different sizes.  I always keep a basket on hand for toys, blankets, and even on my stairs to corral all.the.things!

Macrame Wall Hanging • I’ve always been drawn to these special wall hangings, but don’t have any in my house.  This one comes with two different styles and they add that extra interest to your walls.  They look great over beds, in nurseries – really anywhere you choose!

Faux Leather Pillow Cover • Switching up the pillows on your sofa is one of the easiest ways to refresh your space.  I dig the combo of this faux leather pillow that looks well worn, with this textured Tassel Pillow Cover.



Even if it’s still crazy hot here, we’re still enjoying snuggling in on the weekends and staying in pajamas as long as possible! These are some of my favorite cozy things!


Fleece Pullover • Cozy Mug • Coffee Warmer • Robe • Fuzzy Slippers • Cozy Blanket • Votive Holder • Tea Lights • Pajamas • Pillows • Mattress Pad • Softest Sheets • Weighted Blanket

Fleece Pullover • Y’all will see this pullover in tomorrow’s Amazon post, it’s literally the softest thing I’ve put on my body in the longest!  I got it in the soft pink, but it comes in tons of colors.  Fits TTS.

Cozy Mug • Obviously, the mug is so cute, but it got great reviews too- they said it’s nice and heavy!

Coffee Warmer •If you are a mom or a slow coffee/tea drinker, the struggle is real! It’s hard to finish your cup of coffee without it getting cold! This coffee/tea warmer saves you 10 trips to the microwave.  It plugs into the wall and there is an on off switch on the cord right near the base of the warmer. A red light in front lets you know the coffee warmer is on and you just switch it off when you are done with it.  It keeps your coffee warm, without the handle getting hot. Seriously, genius!

Robe • It’s about that time to switch out your Spring/Summer robe for a cozier one!  I like the length and style on this one and I prefer robes without a hoodie- I just feel like they’re too bulky.

Fuzzy Slippers • These slippers are so soft!  But they’re durable and supportive too!  They have a solid high density memory foam insole. These babies are popular – over 10,000 positive reviews.

Cozy Blanket • I told you I wouldn’t leave you hanging without a cozy blanket.  I bought this one last year as another layer for the bed and as an extra for sleepovers and pillow forts.  We all love it! It comes in several sizes (50 x 60 – 108 x 90).

Tea Lights • One thing I love to do in the evening to relax and wind down is to dim the lights and light candles.  I buy these tea lights in bulk and light a few at a time.  This Votive Holder makes for a gorgeous display and comes in a set of 3.

Pajamas • How cute are these pajamas?!  I’m partial to the star pattern, but they come is lots of options.

Pillows • I have an old trusty pillow affectionately named “mushy mush”, but while I was putting this post together, I came across these gel pillows with 32,000 positive reviews.  Of course, I added them to my cart so that I could see for myself what all the fuss is about.  Honestly, I’ve been interested in becoming a back sleeper (purely for vanity reasons since I always wake up with sleep lines on my face).

So, these pillows have get filled fibers and are hypoallergenic, with no allergens or chemicals.  They’re also fade and stain resistant and machine washable.  Do you have a pillow you love??

Mattress Pad • Do y’all use a mattress pad or topper?  I haven’t, so let me know if you think it’s a game changer.   It’s supposed to provide extra comfortable sleep and this one has soft quilt with fiberfill and additional loft.  It’s also machine washable.

Softest Sheets • I couldn’t do a cozy post without including the softest sheets ever!  After several years, these are still my favorite and we have them on every bed in our house.  Yep, me, Jordan and James all use them!  James will even complain when we go to a hotel that he prefers his sheets at home!  And they’re such a deal!  I’ve seen much more expensive sheets that aren’t nearly as good!

Weighted Blanket • Last, but not least!  You have no idea how excited I am to put my weighted blanket back onto my bed.  I got this last year after Marianna raved about hers at our Favorite Things Party and I LOVED it!  No, seriously.  I guess I’m the type of person that prefers to sleep with some weight on me, so this was so comforting to me.  I used it for months, until finally I felt like it was too hot in the summer and I took it off.  But, now I’m anxiously awaiting putting it back on.  I’ve missed it like a lovey! 

I have a king size bed and got the 60×80 (20 lb.) and it fits just on top of my mattress, without the sides hanging over.


Did you know I have an Amazon Storefront?!  I update it every time I place an order or find something I want to share with you and it’s organized by categories such as fashion, home decor, beauty, and more.

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Does it feel like Fall where you are yet?   We are still in the 90s, and won’t likely get relief until next month.  I know Alabama just survived Hurricane Sally and my heart goes out to everyone affected.

Hope y’all have an awesome day!

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