Have a Nightmare Before Christmas lover in your life? Or want to show your NBC love in your kitchen? We’ve got you covered with over 40 Nightmare Before Christmas kitchen items – from tumblers to decor, entertaining pieces and more!

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Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen Items
Life is too short for boring kitchen items.

Whether you are decorating for Halloween, Christmas, or just want some Jack and Sally love in your kitchen the whole year long, these ideas will add some personality to your kitchen!

I fell down the rabbit hole of fun Nightmare Before Christmas kitchen items this week and I knew I needed to report my findings back to you. I found everything from wine stoppers, to water tumblers, gorgeous etched kitchen spoons, home decor pieces, cute aprons, etc.

What’s awesome about this variety of options is that you don’t have to buy something that you already have plenty of – pick something that you don’t already have or you can actually use more of! Most of these ideas also make thoughtful gifts for the NBC fan in your life.

Nightmare Before Christmas Gift Ideas
I am LOVING this glitter Jack Skellington tumbler!

This glitter travel mug is hilarious – and I like this smiling one or this Jack & Sally one, too.

Or, if wine is more your thing, this gorgeous Hand Painted NBC Wine glass is stunning and you can also grab a NBC wine stopper, wine charms, or these wood and cork coasters.

Or if etched wine glasses are more your thing, those are an option, too!

How sweet is this and her Jack and Sally mug set for a couple gift?

If you love entertaining, this NBC Cheeseboard would be a super cute way to serve some snacks! If you need the tools, too, this NBC cheeseboard comes with tools and knives.

Or, if you’d prefer an actual cutting board, this personalized one is perfect for a NBC fan.

I go through oven gloves like crazy, so these purple Nightmare Before Christmas oven mitts are next on my list! (Or, if you prefer hot pads/pot holders.)

If you have a tea lover in your life, this Zero tea pot is so cute – or this Jack Skellington tea ball would make a great gift with a new box of tea! 

Or if you’re shopping for a baker, these three NBC rolling pins would be cute for pies, fondant, cookies, etc., or grab these NBC measuring cups that look like potion ingredients.

Looking for Nightmare Before Christmas cookie cutters? You can get a Jack Skellington cookie cutter, Sally cookie cutter, Zero cookie cutter or this Oogie Boogie version.

Everyone can use these Jack and Sally salt and pepper shakers (even if they put other seasonings in).

If you’re trying to waste less in your kitchen, these unpaper towels would be a great addition, as would these fabric napkins.

And if you’re looking for display kitchen towels, you can get these Rae Dunn-inspired ones, or these grinning towels.

There are so many cute Nightmare Before Christmas aprons – this purple one, this Jack Skellington-inspired version, or this skirt-style apron. (And don’t forget to grab one for the kids, too!)

Whether you use or just display them, I am in awe of these NBC wooden spoons.

While not strictly for the kitchen, this NBC Candle holder would add some gorgeous ambiance to the kitchen – and same goes for this pretty sheet music art or this “Pumpkin King” candle.

Another wall art piece, this one comes with a recipe – Jack’s scientific formula for Christmas!

Personally, I am a huge fan of these vinyl record-looking clocks. (Or get a kitchen clock with a Christmas countdown calendar or this Oogie Boogie glow in the dark clock.)

And finally, bowl-style soup mugs are making a huge comeback… I wouldn’t hesitate to load this one up with ice cream!


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I hope you found the perfect Nightmare Before Christmas items for your kitchen or for gifting on this list – if you find something amazing that I don’t have listed here, be sure to let me know!

For a fun Nightmare Before Christmas recipe to make and display with your new NBC kitchen items, check out my Jack Skellington sugar cookies, or my friend Jana’s super cute Sally cookies!

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