Check out this list of teacher appreciation gift ideas that teachers actually WANT to receive!

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When I was on the PTA board at my kids’ school one of the things I was in charge of was Teacher Appreciation Week. At our school, as well as a lot of others, we go ALL out for Teacher Appreciation Week! We went with a Disneyland theme (you can read all about it in this blog post) and had a blast spoiling the teachers all week. One of the things I wanted to make sure happened before the week started was that the teachers got the love and recognition they so deserved.
What are good Teacher Appreciation gifts?
The first thing I did was make a handout that I sent to all the teachers to find out their favorites. You can find the handout and print it free here. As I was handing out the sheets I asked teachers what was their favorite types of gifts to receive. I got a lot of “just a simple thank you and hug” but also got some really good ideas of practical gifts they could use including:
Gift Cards School Supplies Favorite Drink/Treat Personalized Gifts
This was a great start! Once the teachers got me back their filled out sheets of favorites I sent the ideas I had rounded up along with their favorites to the parents of students so they could have a better idea of what to gift their teachers.

I created several gift ideas and found a few more online and decided to put together a post to help you easily find/make a teacher appreciation gift that is perfect for your kids’ teachers too!
Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Ideas
You can’t go wrong when you give a gift card as a gift! It could be an Amazon gift card or a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant. Gift Cards are my go-to gifts for teachers I am not super close with; like their “extra” teachers (art, Spanish, PE, etc). They are also great gift ideas for teachers that are hard to shop for too! Check out these fun ways to dress up a gift card teacher appreciation gift:

Sweet Treat Gift Card Holder from Tastefully Frugal

Amazon Gift Card Holder from Honey and Lime

Target Gift Card Holder from Landeelu

Pizza Gift Card Holder from You Have Been Framed

Starbucks Gift Card Holder from Hi Sugarplum

Movie Night Gift Basket from The Crafting Chicks

iTunes Gift Card Holder from Skip To My Lou

FREE Printable Gift Card Holders from Public School Paper

Spa Gift Card from Landeelu

I Looked On Pinterest For A Gift Gift Card Holder from Chickabug

You Hit The Mark Gift Card Holder from Old Salt Farm
School Supply Gift Ideas
It’s no secret that teachers spend A LOT of the their own money on supplies for their classrooms. Whether it’s supplies for students, themselves or their room, teachers buy a ton of things through out the year. Often times schools have a supply list for parents to purchase at the beginning of the year but often times those supplies run out, or just aren’t enough for what the students and teachers need. Check out these fun ways to gift school supplies:

Initial Pencil Holder Pot from Tastefully Frugal

Handsoap with Free Printable from Eighteen25

Sharpie Gift Tag from The Happy Scraps

Sanitizer Wipes Gift from It’s Always Autumn

Notepad and Pens from Mama Moose

Highlighter Vase from Kaleidoscope Living

Post It Notes Gift from The Happy Scraps

Glittery Scissors from Persia Lou

Hand Sanitizer Gift from That’s What Che Said

Calculator Gift with Free Printable Tag from Positively Splendid
Favorite Things Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas
These are my favorite gifts to give too! I love getting to know our teachers and being able to gift them some of their favorite things. A tradition we’ve done that I learned from another room mom was buying your teacher their favorite lunch one day during teacher appreciation week. Check out these other fun ways to gift your teachers some of their favorite things:

DIY Disney Mugs from Tastefully Frugal

Mason Jar and Favorite Candy from Lil Luna

Teacher Tumblers from Ginger Snap Crafts

Favorite State Tote Bag from Tastefully Frugal

Lip Balm Holder from The Suburban Mom

Favorite Quote Board from Tastefully Frugal

Tote Bag and Tumbler from Tastefully Frugal

Favorite Flowers Gift Tag from No Biggie

Favorite Tea and Cup from Everyday Savvy

So-Da Bomb Favorite Soda Gift from Glued To My Crafts
Personalized Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas
This is another really fun gift to give (and make)! Whether it’s a gift you buy or make, or have your kids make, your teacher will love receiving a gift that has their name, initials, monogram or favorite quote on it! Check out these fun personalized gift ideas:

Monogram Can Koozie from Tastefully Frugal

Sharpie Dotted Mug from Kaleidoscope Living

Initial Crayon Art from Craft Cuts

Personalized Mouskatools Tote Bag from Tastefully Frugal

Personalized Pencil Holder from Jamie Costiglio

Flower Pails from Bren Did

Personalized Pencil from Artsy Fartsy Mama

Personalized Disney Tumbler from Tastefully Frugal

Class List Teacher Tote Bag from Unoriginal Mom

Personalized Scissors from A Girl And A Glue Gun
Thank You Teachers
No matter what gift you give, be sure to let your teachers know how much you appreciate them and all you do for your kids. If your a homeschool parent, you’re a teacher too! All of the gift ideas I shared I would LOVE to receive too! For more ideas on how to make teacher appreciation week special for the teachers in your life, check out this post!

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