Being stuck at home due to the pandemic quarantine that’s happening right now all over the world is not great as many of us have to adapt, to make sacrifices and to give up a lot of things

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However, we shouldn’t let it have a big negative impact on us either so let’s take this opportunity to do projects around the house. There are plenty of crafts that you can do to pass the time and entertain yourself and the whole family and we made a list with our favorite ones that we think you’re going to enjoy too.

Since you probably have a few tin cans lying around right now, it might be fun to put them to good use and repurpose them once you empty the contents. You can decorate some tin cans and turn into lovely containers which you can then use as pencil holders, planters and so on. Check out this lovely rustic design. It’s made using some burlap trim, lace ribbon and jute twine.

These adorable little things are walnut photo holders. They’re incredibly easy to make and all you need is some walnuts in shells, some wire and a few tools like a drill, pliers and tin snips. You can keep a few on a shelf, on your desk or just casually display them around the house in various spots.

Glass bottles are also easy to get and they can be repurposed in lots of interesting ways. One idea is to turn a single glass bottle into a wind chime which you can hang in your garden or backyard or even out on the balcony. You need to cut off the bottom of the bottle and then add a chain with some rings and something at the bottom like a stone pendant for example.

If you have wood lying around from previous projects you could make a cheese board. It’s quite simple really and you can make it in any size or shape you want. Use a food-safe finish to give it some color and sand down all the edges and corners but be sure to preserve some of the natural charm of the wood as well.

Something else you could craft that might be useful is a coat rack for the entryway. You could also put it somewhere else like in your bedroom, on the back of the bathroom door and so on. In any case, all you need in order to craft this is a thin strip of wood, some sandpaper, a drill, polyurethane and wire hooks. If you’re missing any of these items you might be able to find alternative solutions.

Crafting small and simple furniture pieces and accessories out of wood is not very difficult either. One of the things you can do is a hanging wine rack. You could potentially make it bigger than this one if you want to in which case some adjustments have to be made. In any case, you’re going to need a few pieces of wood and some basic tools like a saw, a drill, a hammer and some nails plus a bit of wood glue. It could be cool to paint the rack and to customize it a bit more.

Wood slices are also a great resource for all sorts of DIY crafts, like this rustic cake stand for example. To make this you can use a thick wood round for the base and a bunch of thin slices for all the platforms. You can create several layers, arrange the slices into all sorts of patterns and come up with your own original design if you want to.

Make your home extra cozy by adding some arm knit cushion covers like this one. You don’t need anything else other than some bulky yarn for this project. You might already have some and this could be a great opportunity to put it to good use. You can make soft and plushy covers for some of your throw pillows and turn them into lovely decorations. If you don’t know how to knit that’s entirely fine because you can learn how to make this in no time.

A kokedama planter might be something else you could pull off with only a few simple supplies. For this project you need a plant, some moss, Bonsai compost and a twine or string. It’s a cool idea if you want to display the plants around you house in a more interesting way or if you simply want to try something different while you’re stuck at home.

Speaking of plants, check out these beautiful basket planters that you can make. You can display a few of them on a wall and create a sort of greenery gallery or you can just make a single one and turn it into a lovely decoration or focal point. Air plants are the best for this project but you could also use other types of small plants as well or even faux plants. In addition to those you’re going to need woven baskets, yarn and a large needle.

If you’re up to the challenge and you have all the necessary bits you might even be able to make a custom wall sconce for your bedroom, hallway or any other space that needs it. It’s not the easiest DIY project in the world but since you have the time you might as well try something new for a change. We really like the globe and the brass details in this case but of course you can customize your sconce however you want to.

Here’s a little something that you can display on a wall in order to make the room look extra nice and cozy. It’s a beaded tassel hanging that’s really easy to make and requires only a few basic items such as some wooden beads (7 to be more exact), a wooden dowel, a bunch of yarn and some paint in case you want the beads and the tassels to match.

Working with the concrete mix is super fun and there’s a ton of different cool things that you can make with it including a lot of beautiful decorations. One example is this candle holder plate that you can turn into your new table centerpiece. It can hold three candles but you can obviously customize it to accommodate more if you want to. Also, you can have yours painted and decorated if you want to give it a custom look.

If you happen to have a wooden tray that you don’t really use anymore, it might be cool to repurpose it and turn it into a custom wall-mounted mug holder for your kitchen. The transformation is simple and doesn’t have to include any aesthetic or decorative changes unless you want to. Just take the tray and attach a few knobs or hooks to it, then hang on a wall like you would do with a picture frame.

Remember the tassel wall hanging idea we mentioned earlier? Here’s a design similar to that which doesn’t require any wooden beads. It’s a more simplified version which you can make using only a wooden dowel (or something similar, perhaps a stick or a twig) and some yarn. The chunky tassels look really cute here and you can go for a similar look if you want to keep the project simple.

Some plywood art could also look cool and would be fun and interesting to make. Of course, that would be a fairly specific kind of project for which you need plywood, stain, polyurethane and tape plus some spray paint. The idea behind the project is very simple. You stain the plywood, then use tape to create a geometric pattern. After that it’s time to spray paint the whole thing and to remove the tape.

A cork board would also be easy to make and to customize. A cool idea can be to combine it with a map and create a bulletin board. You can use pins to mark on the map the place that you visited or that you plan on going to or you can simply turn this into a decoration. Either way, it’s a nice and simple project that you can pass the time with.

Now might also be a good time to decorate some planters and give them a more interesting and custom look. It doesn’t need to turn into a complicated project and you can use whatever supplies you have available. For example, you could paint a planter and then add a few little details using copper foil. If you don’t have any foil then perhaps some paint in a different color could work.

Consider using the extra free time you have right now to learn a new skill and try something new that you haven’t done before such as making your own scented candles. It’s not as difficult as you might think. You need a container for the candle, some candle wax, essential oil, cotton twine, a metal wick base, a wooden skewer and a saucepan. Check out these cute citronella candles for added inspiration.

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