As much as I love shopping for gifts for the holidays, shopping for stocking stuffers might be even better.

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There’s something so fun about finding just the right balance of useful, silly, or just plain fun to fill up both the kids and Corey’s stockings, and I never get tired of it. In fact, I usually get a little too much and end up having to put a few stocking stuffers under the tree…because a stocking can only fit so much!

So, here are a few of my favorite ideas for stocking stuffers this year – nothing is more than $20 (though I do love a good splurge surprise in an adult’s stocking!).

I separated these out into gifts for her, gifts for him, and gifts for kids, plus a bonus “gifts for anyone” category. Of course, there are plenty of crossover gifts in each section, so be sure to browse them all!

stocking stuffer ideas

for her

Nail polish: I love finding a cute new color in my stocking. This is my current favorite!

A good face mask: Because after all the holiday stress is over, she’s gonna want to relax a bit.

A sample of something fancy: A stocking is a great chance to give some extra fancy beauty products, in sample size! I’d love to try this cute set.

A scarf: Because there’s really not much better than a cute new blanket scarf.

Jewelry: I don’t wear fancy jewelry almost ever, but I love it when Corey helps restock my supply of cute stud earrings and simple, cheap necklaces in my stocking!

Chapstick: I lose mine constantly, so it’s always nice when I get a re-fill this time of year.

A beautiful kitchen towel: I always want to splurge on new dish towels for my kitchen, but it feels like a silly thing to spend good money on. I’d love finding a couple in my stocking!

A Love Handle Phone Grip: I’ve used one of these on the back of my phone for a few years now and it’s a game changer. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it!

These travel laundry bags: So she never has to worry about what to do with her dirty clothes on a trip again.

Coiled Hair Ties: I discovered these recently and am more than a little in love with them – they don’t leave creases in your hair at all, even after hours of wear!

A cute scrunchie: Never would have thought scrunchies would come back with such a vengeance, but here we are – and I’m not complaining!

The best tweezers ever: I bought this for myself recently and even Corey declared it one of the best purchases I’ve made all year.

A sentimental ornament: Wouldn’t it be a sweet tradition to find a special ornament in your stocking every year to add to the tree?

A jade roller: I used to use mine every day until Grant broke it…guess I need a new one!

These eye masks: They’re so good for the days when you just feel extra tired and need a pick-me-up.

Some cozy slippers: You can’t have too many cozy slippers. You just can’t.

Essential oil towelettes: She’ll stash them in her car and use them after a stressful day.

A candle snuffer: Because you could just blow it out, but this feels way fancier.

A cute ring holder: Perfect to set on her nightstand!

An ice roller: It’s supposed to be magic for those extra-puffy, not-enough-sleep days.

for him

Cell phone wallet pocket: It’s always a plus to have one less reason to need to carry an extra wallet!

Beard oil: He’ll love how his beard feels afterwards, and you’ll love how it smells! This one also doubles as a shave prep product, if he doesn’t have a beard.

Game of Phones: You’ll both love playing this when you’re waiting at a restaurant, or even over an at-home date night.

An insulated mug: Perfect for taking his morning coffee on the go.

A multi-purpose pen: It’s got a screwdriver, a level, a ruler, and more!

A nice dopps kit: I got Corey a nice leather one years ago and he still uses it when we travel!

This magnetic wristband: Perfect for the dude (or lady!) who is always losing their screws when working in the workshop.

Car detailing cleaning gel: So he can keep his car looking as shiny and clean as possible.

Meat shredders: If your guy loves to grill as much as mine, he’ll love these little claws to help him shred the meat after.

A first aid travel kit: Corey loves to be prepared – he’d be happy to have something like this to tuck in his glovebox!

The best wine opener: This tool makes opening a bottle so easy, and he’ll feel so cool using it the next time you’re able to have friends over.

Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool: Corey has a few of these and they’re so handy to have around the house – especially when you drop a tiny screw on the floor.

A safety hammer: Because it’s always nice to feel prepared!

This credit-card-sized multi-tool: He’ll find himself reaching for it all the time!

A sneaker cleaning kit: Because a lot of guys get weirdly obsessive about their sneakers, no?

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster: So you’ll never have to ask each other “what should we watch tonight?” again!

This fun smart phone dock: He’ll feel really cool listening to his favorite podcasts with this amplifier.

An airpod case: Get one for him and one for you so you can finally tell them apart.

A cologne sampler set: It’s a win for both him and you when he smells great.

A pocket screwdriver: He’ll find himself using it all the time.

for kids

Play doh: This is a must for our stockings almost every year!

Read & Color Story Roll: They’ll love coloring on this huge roll for hours, and it’s big enough to keep multiple kids happy at once.

Scratch art mini notes: So they can leave you little notes around the house in style.

World’s Smallest Crocodile Dentist: Because kids love tiny things – they just do.

Scratch card art kit: It’ll keep them busy for a long time, and the finished product is really beautiful!

Mini karaoke microphone: Hook it up to your phone and let them go to town on the Moana soundtrack (or, if you’re my kids, the Hamilton one).

Christmas tattoos: If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll probably use all 200 on Christmas day.

LEGO Dots Bracelet Kit: This fun DIY bracelet kit would be a winner for just about every kid. I know Jackson would love it!

A clip-on book light: So you can secretly encourage their late night reading sessions.

Mini Doodle Kit: Keep it in the car and you’ll never hear them whine about a long drive again!

DIY Superhero Mask Kit: They’ll get to get creative and be a superhero all day (or all week).

Decorate your own wooden toy: My boys would love these trucks! They also have flower magnets if your kiddo isn’t into cars.

Stocking stuffer mad libs: I love any gift that secretly works on reading skills!

Mini Simon Says game: You may find yourself fighting with your kid over who gets to play with it first, though.

A Model Magic kit: These little mini kits are always a winner in our house!

Mini grab it claw: My kids got one of these with a kids’ meal recently and and they’re both obsessed!

Mini crystal growing kit: Kids love crystals. Always.

Binoculars: They’ll love looking for birds, watching airplanes, and more.

A mini stapler: Because tiny office supplies are always a fun idea.

Some fidget toys: Especially helpful for those kiddos that are still doing virtual learning!

for anyone

Gift cards: I love giving a small gift card to a favorite fast food place, a movie theater, or a favorite store.

A mini cast iron skillet: Perfect for delicious skillet cookies!

USB Desk Fan: So you can stop fighting over the thermostat once and for all.

Socks: A cute pair of socks is always a win! I love these matching father-kid ones the most.

Some silly magnets: Kids will think they’re hilarious, and honestly, so will the adults.

A cute face mask: Who would’ve thought this would end up on the list? We all hate having to wear them, but it’s a little more fun when you’ve got a super cute one.

Do Something Dice: A fun addition to a boring afternoon!

Tech taffy: Cleaning off your computer keyboard is way more satisfying than you’d expect.

A good paperback: I don’t often read physical books anymore but Corey stuffed one I had been wanting in my stocking last year and I devoured it in the couple of days after Christmas. It helped me slow down and enjoy the holiday, and it was one of my favorite gifts!

Christmas Playing Cards: The perfect addition to your family gathering, it’s sure to encourage a few rounds of your favorite game (we love Golf and Sevens!)

A cozy hat: This one is a win for the whole family – just about everyone loves a good winter hat!

Earbud cleaning kit: Because there’s nothing more disgusting than really dirty earbuds.

Mini brainteaster puzzles: Everyone will get a kick out of these little wooden puzzles!

Some cute notebooks: You can’t have too many, can you?!

A selfie light: Because aren’t you curious how much better it’ll make your photos look?

Stainless Steel Straws: A great way to reduce waste, and they’re a perfect addition to a big tumbler.

Salsa Grow Kit: Kids and adults would both love this little kit to help you grow your own salsa garden!

A fun card game: Stick to a simple, quick one like this one and you’ll be sure to end up playing it all day!

Mini Bowling Set: The perfect tabletop distraction when you need to take a quick break from work.

A stress ball: Does this one even need explanation? 2020 has been a YEAR, y’all.

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