968 Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas!

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Handmade gifts are my favorite. I love the thought and time that goes into making each one. It changes the focus of the holidays from "what will I get for Christmas?" to "I'm so excited for you to see what I got you!" 

It makes the best shift and I've seen it in my own children every year since they were little. Make the holidays magic and bright by making handmade gifts for the holidays. 

The biggest thing about handmade gift giving, you need to get a jump on it! This is the time to start making gifts so you are ready for the holidays without becoming overwhelmed or stressed about it.

How do you give gifts in your home? Do you draw names and get one gift for one person? Or do you get something for everyone?

Maybe you've done a Handmade Holiday gift exchange before...what did you think?


I've compiled lists and lists of tutorial projects each year I've been blogging and I have 968 handmade gift ideas. Nearly 1000 ideas! There is sure to be something for everyone on your list.

Which handmade gift idea is your favorite?

1 Woven Leather Bench

This is a big one, but would make a fun statement project for a family member or spouse. 

2 Wood Circle Sign

Make a bunch of these circle signs for neighbor gifts, friends or family members. 

3 Iron-on Boxers

Perfect gift idea for the man in your life...or for the kids so they can tell their undies apart.

4 Resin Glitter Switch Plate

Create some custom elements for the home that will make a great holiday gift.

5 Skeleton Key Necklace

6 Resin Clips

7 Star Wars Shirts

These subtle and fun Star Wars shirts are perfect for handmade gift giving. 

8 Infusible Ink Shirt

Infusible ink transfers smoothly and seamlessly on shirts for the perfect handmade gift.

9 Stick Barrettes

Create gorgeous hair accessories with leather and resin. 

10 Resin Canvas

Maybe paint a picture and finish it off with a glossy shine finish...or just add some glossy shine to a canvas painting you already have.

11 Altered Notebook

Notebooks are my favorite and personalizing them is so fun!

12 Stenciled Door Mat

Custom Coir Door mats are the envy of the neighborhood! Make some for your friends, neighbors, and family! 

13 Personalized Tumblers

Tumblers are such an inexpensive gift and adding a personalized touch takes the value up exponentially! Everyone loves to get something with their name on it. This would be a great gift basket filler too!

14 ABT PRO Masks

15 Hibiscus Tea Dyed Masks

16 Hogwarts Banner

Maybe a Harry Potter fan needs something fun to hang on their wall!

17 Tie Dye Masks

Masks are the new thing. This is the perfect gift for your kids to make for their friends for the holidays. Everyone needs a new fresh mask!

18 Gratitude Journal

19 Resin Crown Bookmarks

20 Resin Eyes

21 Resin Crystals

They look like quartz but are in fact, resin!

22 Resin Crochet Hooks

23 Geode Resin Canvas

24 Resin Clay Gold Leaf Necklaces

25 Old School S Shirt

Nostalgic gifts are always fun! This old school S is sure to bring smiles to the face of the recipient. 

26 Hand Lettered Wall Art

Maybe a family motto or saying is the perfect gift for a loved one. 

27 Weasley is our King Shirt

28 Pine Needle Coasters

Save pieces from your Christmas tree to make into coasters.

29 Garlic in my Soul Shirt

30 Resin Pour Ornaments

31 Tie Dye Paper

32 Faux Butterfly Wing Earrings

33 Naruto Coach Inspired Shores

This is actually a handmade gift I gave my daughter last year for Christmas. I bought the black shoes and added the Naruto symbol on them---she was thrilled!

34 Mini Paper Purse Favors

35 Hanging Scroll Art

Have the grandkids draw pictures and transform them into a scroll for the perfect grandparent decor!

36 Wood Slice Lettering

37 Iron-on Crystal Shirt

38 Quick 5 Minute Shirt

39 Bouquet Slat Sign

40 Custom Make-up Brushes

41 Mini Leather Notebooks

42 Infusible Ink Tote

43 Candy Bar Wrapper

44 Mermaid Scale Notebook

45 Layered Infusible Ink Shirt

46 Handmade Envelopes

Giving the gift of a card, cash or gift card for the holidays? Make it a little more special with a handmade envelope!

47 Cereal Box Refillable Notebook

I love presents that are made from goodies on the way to the recycling! Save those cereal boxes and turn them into a refillable notebook!

48 Cereal Box Notebook with Stitching

49 Cereal Box Notebooks with Cinch

50 Coffee Filter Flower

51 3 Handmade Gift Ideas

52 Metallic Leaf Tray

53 Cricut Joy Handmade Cards

54 Refillable Leather Journal

This gorgeous leather journal is easy to fill with folded paper of any caliber. This makes such an elegant gift for family, friends or teachers.

55 Notepad

This notepad diy is great for kids. They can design their own flipbooks or give a meaningful gift to a friend or teacher.

56 Galaxy Profile Notebook

Customized art with a person's profile...or turn it into a notebook! This would make a great family gift!

57 Character Notebooks

58 Ocean Resin Pour

59 Baby Yoda Garland

60 Beskar Notebooks and Tracking Fobs

61 Resin Pens

62 Bean Bag Toss Game

63 Resin Ring Dish

64 Mountain Logo Shirt

65 Infusible Ink Shirt

66 Full Metal Alchemist Hoodie

67 The Child Shirt

68 Baby Yoda Wood Cut Out

Any fan of the Mandalorian would love this! Use vinyl or paint directly on wood!

69 Resin Galaxy Coasters

70 Faux Enamel Pins

71Akatsuki Robe Cloud Hoodie

72 Squad Goals Tote

73 Star Wars Tote

74 Baby Yoda Bag

75 Infusible Ink Ornaments

76 Gold Foil Cards

Sending Christmas cards this year? Make them special using metallic foil.

77 Agate Slice Night Light

78 Elf Inspired Shirt

79 Car Play Mat

80 Alcohol Ink Mugs

81 Holiday Iron-on Design Shirt

82 Camera Tote

83 Resin I Spy Game Tray

Great gift idea for a grandparent or parent...give the kiddos something fun to look at and discover little trinkets.

84 Nativity Set

More on this fun craft coming next week! It's going to be big!

85 Resin Coasters

86 Glass Marble Magnets

This is a neighbor gift I gave last year. I love glass magnets and presenting them on this fun metal ornament is super cute! 

87 Earbud Holder

88 Etched Glass Dishes

89 Mod Podge Napkin Mug

90 Spa Inspired Gift

91 Customized Stockings

92 Joyful Pillow

And here are 876 more Handmade Gift Ideas!

Which handmade gift idea is your favorite? What will you be making for the holidays this year?
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