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Patrick’s Day even more fun

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Whether you’re a St. Patrick’s Day reveler, avoider, or a casual observer, there’s no escaping it: The holiday of all things green and shamrocked is nearly upon us. What you do to celebrate on (or around) March 17 is up to you—maybe you’ll hit up a parade, go to a party, or head to a bar to catch up on the craic with some friends—but it can’t hurt to do it the right way. These things will help you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in style (and may even inspire you to get into the spirit).
1. Green Solo cups to keep your party going Credit: Solo
Make the switch from red cups to green to get a little more festive.

Solo cups are a house-party staple—and, in green, they are a Saint Patrick’s Day house-party staple. Their solid base and squarish design make them easy to hold and pour things into, and the multi-layer plastic construction helps prevent cracks and leaks.

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2. Green dye to make everything consumable more festive Credit: McCormick
Whether you serve up minty milkshakes or green eggs, this dye will come in handy.

Transform everyday food, like cookies, pancakes, and popcorn, into a St. Patrick’s treat with some green food dye. Just a few drops takes edibles from their regular form to something that seems like it’s been kissed by a leprechaun. You also don’t have to limit the dye to food—one Reviewed staffer says her mom put it in the toilet every March 17 when she was a kid.

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3. A tool to make a proper Black and Tan Credit: The Perfect Black and Tan
Perfect this beer cocktail with a simple tool.

A Black and Tan (also known as a half and half) is a layered beer cocktail with one part light lager beer and one part dark stout beer—usually Bass and Guinness ales, respectively. To prevent undesired mixing, you can pour the light ale slowly over the back of a regular spoon, but for a foolproof approach, try the Perfect Black and Tan tool. The holes in the stainless steel device help create that coveted layered effect with each pour. And it's easy to use, by placing it on the lip of the glass before you start your second pour.

“Owned this beauty for over three years and have used it hundreds of times,” writes a reviewer. “Makes a perfect Black and Tan and IMO much better than the spoon. Fits even large glasses like my huge glass beer mug. Hasn’t shown any wear and still looks like new despite hundreds of washings.”

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4. Guinness cups for an authentic-looking drink Credit: Guinness
You can't recreate the experience of drinking in an Irish pub, but this glass gets you pretty close.

To get the perfect pour of Guinness, you’ll have to go to the beer brand’s storehouse in Dublin. In lieu of that trip, get these pint glasses, which come from Ireland and, according to reviewers, match the ones you’d get in a pub overseas. They have the Guinness insignia at the top and a divot on the side to give you an easy grip, making it a glass you’ll be happy to have on St. Paddy’s Day and beyond.

“These are the exact same pint glasses that I enjoyed Guinness out of at every single pub I visited in Ireland,” writes a reviewer. “Paired with the nitro-canned Guinness from the grocery store, I can almost recreate the Guinness drinking pub experience from the comfort of my own home in the U.S.”

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5. Cookie cutters for themed snacks Credit: Ann Clark
Give baked goods some extra St. Paddy's oomph with this cookie cutter.

Serve up some sweet, luck-bearing treats with this cookie cutter, which cuts dough into tidy shamrock shapes. Its stainless steel material ensures the edges are crisp and even, whether you’re working with cookie dough, pancake batter, fondant, Rice Krispies treats, or anything else.

“The shamrock cookies I made came out wonderfully and shaped
as they should have been,” writes a reviewer. “Even the 'stem' that seems so thin kept together with the dough.”

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6. Clover-decked socks for the ultimate accessory Credit: J. Crew
Gussy up your look with these shamrocked socks.

Not much for all-green everything, even on St. Patrick’s Day? Slip on these shamrock-bedecked socks, which provide just enough of a pop of green to prevent a pinch from an overzealous coworker or partygoer. As an alternative, if you are into the festive Kermit look, these socks are the perfect verdant color to complete the outfit.

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7. A festive collar for your pup Credit: Native Pup
It's only fair to let your dog dress up, too.

Don’t forget Fido! Get your pet some parade-worthy neckwear with this collar, available in several shamrock and beer-glass patterns.

“We’re a wee bit Irish—so of course, our dogs are, too,” writes a reviewer. “[The collars are] adorable and great quality! Loved them so much, I bought not one, not two, but four including one for my grandpup. My parents’ cat, Buddy, even humored us on the big day and wore his matching collar, too!”

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8. A Grafomap to keep an Irish city close Credit: Grafomaps
Pinpoint your favorite Irish locale with a Grafomap.

Even if you can’t get to Dublin, Galway, or Cork this year, you can have an image of your favorite Irish city close by with a Grafomap. Just plug in any city you want, choose a color finish, and keep the map on your wall as a reminder of where you’d like to be next March 17.

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9. A Sláinte sign for good health Credit: Wild Goose
Ensure good health with this sign.

“Sláinte” (pronounced like “slawn-che”) is an Irish and Scottish gaelic blessing. It translates to “good health” in English, and it's a popular toast to say before knocking back a pint. If you’re looking for some Gaelic-emblazoned wall decor, reviewers love this bronze plaque, which is made by a studio in Cork.

“Beautiful sign, exactly as pictured,” writes a reviewer. “I needed to add some Irish decor to my home, and have this sign in my kitchen. Everyone always asks what it means, good conversation starter.”

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10. Leprechaun footprints for whimsical fun Credit: Ceiba Tree
The pitter patter of little feet around your house could be leprechauns.

Kids and grown-ups alike will get a kick out of these feisty leprechaun footprints. Reviewers say they use the decals to point guests in the right direction to the bathroom or drinks during a party, or simply to give inquisitive, leprechaun-hunting kids something to wonder about.

“If you really like St. Patrick’s Day like we do or just the thought of wee ones moving through your home when no one is there, these add some drama to the occasion,” writes a reviewer.

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11. A Claddagh ring to keep tradition close at hand Credit: Silver Light Jewelry
A claddagh ring is great on any occasion, but it's particularly special on St. Patrick's day.

This traditional Irish ring has an intertwined heart, crown, and set of hands to represent love, loyalty, and friendship. Lots of people come back with one after a trip to Ireland, but if you can’t make it overseas, you can get this well-reviewed sterling silver version on Amazon.

“It’s a beautiful ring,” writes a reviewer. “As a second-generation Irish American I wanted to give a nice specialty ring to a best friend who has helped me a lot during this past year. I didn’t know what I was exactly looking for, but as soon as I saw this ring I knew that it was exactly what I had in mind. The ring is true to size and the blue stone is radiant.”

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12. A fanny pack to keep it all together Credit: Tipsy Elves
This fanny pack holds everything you could need, and it's perfect for the occasion.

Carry everything you need with you on the holiday—including a drink—with this joyous, four-leaf clover-festooned fanny pack. Reviewers love that it has two separate pockets to hold things like a cell phone, wallet, and sunglasses, plus a cupholder on the side to store a can of beer or water bottle.

“So cute,” writes a reviewer. “Can’t wait to wear this with my St. Paddy’s Day outfit! Perfect for holding a few things and my phone!”

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13. Shamrock tattoos for luck-bringing body art Credit: Fun Express
If you don't want to get real ink, these temporary tattoos help give the same effect.

You may not be ready to get permanently inked with a four-leaf clover—yet. In the meantime, try one of these temporary shamrock tats, which you can apply with a sponge and some water, and remove with a little time (or rubbing alcohol). The set comes with 72 tattoos, so you’ll have more than enough to share.

“I bought these for a St. Paddy's bar party and they were a huge hit,” writes a reviewer. “The pack came with so many tattoos that I started passing them out to everyone at the bar because we had more than enough for our group of 40. They went on easily and stayed on all day. I was worried how they would adhere because I was wearing makeup on my face, but the tattoo went on no problem and didn't smudge until the next day.”

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14. A cheese board to serve snacks in style Credit: Bambusi
Present your cheese in the finest way possible with this board.

If you’re drinking beer and wine, you may want some cheese—possibly a nice Kerrygold cheddar—as an accompaniment. Present it in style on this bamboo charcuterie board, which has ample space for many cheeses, ridges on the sides for corraling crackers, and a sliding drawer that contains a cutlery set for easy slicing. And, because cheese is a year-round snack for many of us, it’s something you’ll be happy to break out all year.

“Amazing value,” writes a reviewer. “Works perfectly for parties—we do a lot of cheese and cracker boards! Love how the crackers fit in the groove so they don't fall all over the place.”

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15. Green sunglasses for a lucky outlook Credit: Vision World
See everything in green with these shades.

Heading out to a parade? Protect your eyes from the sun and add an extra pop of green to your outfit with this pair of aviator shades with green lenses. The pair also comes with a microfiber pouch, so you can tuck them away when you go back inside.

“Great for St. Patrick's Day,” writes a reviewer. “They easily bend but that makes them easier to adjust to your face. Love them!”

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16. A tub for your beverages Credit: TubTrugz
Keeping drinks cool is a must on St. Paddy's—and it's a bonus if it's in a green tub.

Keep beer, wine, soda, and any other beverages ice-cold with this collapsible multi-purpose tub. Reviewers say they use it for storage, gardening, and holding ice and drinks during parties. It comes in a wide range of colors, like black, blue, and red, but if you’re getting it for St. Paddy’s, you’ll want one of the two green shades.

“Super convenient household tool,” writes a reviewer. “I use it to collect water from rain barrels and water my outdoor potted plants—the tub is very flexible and can easily be bent to form a pouring spout. I have also used it as a beer cooler—fill it with ice and a little water and it is a festive tabletop beer or wine holder at parties.”

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17. A variety of stain removers, just in case Credit: Tide / Shout
Clean up any potential party fouls with some stain remover.

Hey, you never know! Pack up some Tide to Go wherever you’re heading, in case whatever green-dyed something you’re eating or drinking takes a tumble down the front of your shirt. And, on March 18th, if you wake up with something else—whatever it may be—on your clothes, don’t fret. Instead, treat it with some stain remover, then throw it in the wash with one of our favorite laundry detergents, Persil ProClean or Tide.
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