15 desk accessories that make working from home easier

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So often desks are associated with discomfort—of both the physical and mental variety. That’s because, more than anything, desks are connected to the idea of work. Of course, work and desks don’t have to be a place of anguish. The trick is to turn it into a space where you actually enjoy spending your time. The best way to do this is to outfit your office with desk accessories that bring joy and make working from home easier.

While some things like monitor risers can lead to physical joy (they help improve posture!), others like Cricut machines can make everyday tasks like creating labels a fun process you actually look forward to doing. The point is, with the right desk accessories in your space, you’ll be that much more inclined to wake up early and start your day off on the right foot. So, what’re you waiting for? Keep reading for 15 desk accessories that will make your WFH set up that much more enjoyable.
1. A pack of sustainable sticky notes Credit: Amazon
Why use single-use notes when you can use reusable ones?

We love sticky notes as much as the next person but what we don’t love is how wasteful they can become—especially if you only put one idea on each note. Thankfully, brands like mcSquares exist. The reusable sticky note company employs the idea of dry erase boards in flexible, bite-sized pieces that resemble classic peel-and-stick paper notes. They’re available in a variety of sizes and are designed to be used over and over again.

Plus, despite their re-stickable nature, they never leave any residue behind, so you can stick them to desks, as well as mirrors, refrigerators, and other appliances, all without fear of leaving any damage behind. These dry-erase notes also have earned a 4.3-star rating from more than 3,000 Amazon reviews.

Get the mcSquares Dry-Erase Sticky Notes from Amazon for $19.99
2. A life-changing crafting device Credit: Amazon
It’s not just for crafters—all offices can benefit from a Cricut Joy.

Wish your desk was more organized or that you had cards on file for when co-workers, friends, and family members have something to celebrate? Or perhaps you wish you had labels for your filing cabinet. Whatever the case may be, a Cricut Joy will help you get the job done. Controlled entirely by an app on your phone, the compact Cricut can be used to create labels, cards, iron-on transfers, decals, banners, and more. It's earned a cult-favorite status among crafters with more than 4,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. It’s made with the most novice crafter in mind, too, which means that it’s a perfect fit for any office.

Get the Cricut Joy Machine from Amazon for $178
3. A pretty pencil holder Credit: Anthropologie
Because these things matter, okay?

Work can become more stressful when you don’t know where your must-have office supplies are. With this six-cylinder metal pencil holder, you’ll be able to organize your pens, pencils, scissors, paperclips, and more so they’re all in plain sight.

Get the Codefiy Pencil Holder from Anthropologie for $48
4. A trendy acrylic monitor riser Credit: Amazon
Believe it or not, it will help your posture!

Have you noticed yourself developing the signs of tech neck over the past year of working from home? Chances are, your posture is suffering from constantly looking down at your laptop. Luckily, monitor risers exist. Instead of getting a bulky metal one that looks like it’s out of the ‘90s (and not in a good way), check out this acrylic option that’s minimalist yet chic. It will raise your monitor three inches, which may not seem like a lot, but it shifts your line of vision and can create a lasting beneficial impact on your posture.

Get the AboveTEK Premium Acrylic Monitor Stand from Amazon for $49.99
5. A gold desk organizer Credit: World Market
It will save you from searching drawers for what you need.

Love the gold aesthetic on your desk but need more space for your impressive office supply collection? I feel you. This desk organizer comes with four roomier cylinders and a tray (which they’re adhered to) to drop various knick-knacks. Reviewers love the look of it and say the brass material holds up over time.

Get the Gold 4 Cup Kiara Desk Organizer with Tray from World Market for $29.99
6. A bright to-do planner Credit: ban.do
Stop writing a million Post-Its and use this planner instead.

Do you get a thrill from crossing items off of to-do lists? If so, this planner is for you. Rather than offering a traditional daily, weekly, and monthly view, this planner is devoted entirely to to-do lists. It’s undated and has space to write down your schedule, your top priorities, and all of your daily to-dos. Plus, the cover is boldly-colored, so you’re less likely to lose track of important reminders within it.

Get the To-Do Planner from ban.do for $22.95
7. A marble pencil cup Credit: World Market
So chic!

If you always find yourself searching for a pencil or pen, it’s time to put all your faves in plain sight. This marble pencil cup will help. The trendy cup stands just over five inches tall and looks like something you’d find at a high-end retailer like West Elm. In other words, it’s a fancy desk accessory without a price tag to match.

Get the Marble And Gold Metal Maxwell Pencil Cup from World Market for $19.99
8. A wire file holder Credit: World Market
Stop letting your mail pile up—file it instead!

Full filing cabinets take up a lot of space and are only really necessary for families and folks with tons of paperwork to keep up with. If you’re more so searching for a way to manage your incoming mail and projects, this 3-slot wire filing system will work just fine. With its gold design, reviewers love that it makes their boring papers look more stylish.

Get the Gold Wire Antonia File Holder from World Market for $19.99
9. A quirky sticky note set Credit: ban.do
Remind yourself that you’re busy, but that you got this.

If you prefer single-use sticky notes, that’s fine, too. Instead of opting for an endless stack of identical squares, consider this sticky note set. It comes with eight adhesive notepads, four of which are tabs that are perfect for ear-marking important documents or pages that need to be signed or otherwise addressed. And with such cute sayings and designs, you’ll actually be inclined to do so.

Get the I Am Very Busy Sticky Note Set from ban.do for $12
10. A coffee cup warmer Credit: Amazon
Because what’s worse than unintentionally-cold coffee?

Picture this: You wake up, make a pot of coffee, make your bed, brush your teeth, maybe meditate, and then right when you grab a cup of coffee to bring to your desk, you realize it’s cold. Bummer, right? With this coffee cup warmer it won’t be. The highly-rated desk accessory, which is sold in seven colors, keeps mugs warm for hours on end and will automatically shut off after four hours for safety purposes. It has more than 7,000 reviews, with shoppers stating that it works well and love that there are multiple temperature options.

Get the Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer from Amazon for $24.99
11. A weekly overview pad Credit: ban.do
Perfect for the person who likes to write out their schedule.

If you’re an old-school visual person who likes to write out their schedule, you’ll love this weekly overview desk pad. The colorful pad features columns for each day of the week with lines to fill however you please. Simple yet useful, and we’re here for it.

Get the Week-to-Week Mega Desk Pad from ban.do for $14.95
12. A fun mouse pad Credit: mochiThings
Why opt for plain black when you can show off your love of literature?

I love a unique mouse pad. And, to be honest, I never knew such a thing existed until I met my brother-in-law who always carries his laptop, wireless mouse, and oriental rug mouse pad with him. As much as I love it, these literature-inspired pads rock my boat even more. And, knowing I’m not the only book lover out there, I bet others will be fans, too. Available in three titles, this pad is designed to look like an open book but is flat for easy mouse gliding.

Get the World Literature Opened Book Mouse Pad from MochiThings for $7.95
13. A transparent memo board for your computer Credit: Bluecell
Because sticking notes to your screen blocks your screen, duh.

You know how people will stick sticky notes to the edge of their screen? While smart in theory, it often leads to blocking parts of the screen. That’s why this desk accessory comes in so handy. It’s designed to adhere to the edge of your screen to offer added space to either write or stick notes that you can still see.

Get the Bluecell Clear Monitor Memo Message Board from Amazon for $7.59
14. A kitschy paperclip desk accessory Credit: World Market
Equal parts useful and intriguing.

At first glance, this giant paper clip is just fun to look at. As intriguing as it is, however, it serves a purpose as well—to hold papers. The gold clip is secured to a sturdy marble base, and reviewers can attest that it will stand tall even when filled with papers and mail.

Get the Oversized Gold Paperclip With White Marble Stand from World Market for $9.99
15. A desk-sized humidifier Credit: Hey Dewy
Not the most obvious desk accessory, but one of the most necessary.

If you live in a dry climate or if you’ve been feeling like being in your home for the majority of the past year has put a damper on your skin and your mood, adding a humidifier to your desk space can help. This mini one is the perfect size to perch atop your desk and is small enough to tout to your office whenever you return. While it's not the best humidifier we've ever tested, it comes highly reviewed and is charged with a USB-port. It emits cool mist spray to keep the air around you slightly damp, which will give your skin, hair, and consequently your mood, a boost.

Get the Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier from Nordstrom for $39

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